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guide to buying and caring for a home sauna
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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying and Caring for a Home Sauna

You have heard that spending time in a home sauna can provide you with a multitude of health benefits. Improved blood circulation, better skin, a more robust immune system, improved sleep, and of course, relaxation and stress relief are all possible. You know you want to add a sauna to your home but may feel overwhelmed with questions about selecting and caring for your sauna once you get it. Juniper knows how important it is to make the right choice, and we are here with your ultimate guide to buying and caring for a home sauna.

What Type of Home Sauna Will You Get?

There are two types of home saunas available on the market. Both provide the same health benefits but operate differently to produce heat.

  • Traditional or steam home saunas use heated stones and water to create a hot and humid environment. Because of the size of the heating element, these types of saunas can take up more space. They take around 45 minutes to reach their optimal temperature, and you will experience more heat with this type of sauna. This is the choice for people who desire the traditional Finnish sauna experience.
  • An infrared home sauna uses emitter panels to generate infrared waves (similar to those produced by the sun) which penetrate the body. The air temperature is lower compared to a traditional sauna, which may be more comfortable for some. The body’s core heats up as the energy is absorbed, producing sweat. They are ready to use in about 15 minutes. Juniper carries Pro 6® saunas, which can be installed in very small spaces, such as under a stairwell, in a closet, or other small niche. Larger models are also available. 


Will You Place Your Home Sauna Inside or Outside?

Another decision to make before deciding on your sauna is where you will situate it. You can use both types of saunas anytime, and in any weather, and get wellness benefits from either type. It all comes down to your preference of where you want to use it. The traditional Scandanavian location for a sauna is outside in nature. Picture yourself enjoying your sauna out by the pool and then diving into its cool blue water to cool off.  However, if you think you would be more comfortable using your sauna in the privacy of the indoors, then that is the direction you should go. Juniper partners with Almost Heaven® saunas, which has been building saunas in the Finnish tradition for 40 years. They make iconic barrel-shaped saunas for outdoor use, as well as cabin-style models.

How Do You Care for a Home Sauna?

You will be happy to know that caring for a home sauna is pretty simple. There are some tips to keep your sauna in clean condition, which make caring for it easy.  

  • Do not wear shoes in the sauna.
  • Wear a towel, a bathing suit, or a t-shirt and shorts when using the sauna.
  • Keep lots of towels handy for sauna users. Using towels to absorb perspiration will do wonders for keeping your sauna clean and stain-free.
  • Once a month (more often if you use your sauna daily), use a solution of mild dishwashing liquid and water to wipe the surfaces in the sauna. 
  • Mop the floor and allow it to air dry.


Whichever type of sauna you end up choosing, your health and wellness benefits will be significant. Juniper has provided your ultimate guide to buying and caring for a home sauna. Our professional staff is on hand to answer your questions and help you finalize your decision on the right sauna for your needs and space. All of the benefits of home sauna use await with an exceptional sauna option from Juniper. Come find the perfect fit today!


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