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Your Grilling Guide to the 8 Most Popular Summer Foods

Summer is almost here! It’s time to start getting ready for the summer grilling season. Here’s Juniper’s grilling guide to the eight most popular summer foods.

Main Grill Dishes

#1: Burgers and Brats

Whether you’re hosting on July 4th or just want to throw a summer barbecue bash, one of the top summer grilling go-tos are burgers and brats. 

It’s hard to go wrong with a traditional juicy burger, but you may want to try an adventurous spin on the classic recipe! Check out this triple stacked burger or even this salmon burger. For a vegetarian option, try this black bean burger.

More in the mood for some brats? Brats are so flexible. With just grilling or smoking alone, they can be sliced into hors d’oeuvres or served as-is. Or you can take them up a notch with these braised brats or bangers and mash recipes.

Can’t decide between the two? Get the best of both worlds with brat burgers!

#2: Smoke a Roast or Ribs

Set it and forget it, low and slow, smoking a roast is the starting point of so many summer classics. Try smoking a pork shoulder or a pork butt roast and making pulled pork sliders. Or you could smoke a whole or spatchcock chicken, and serve as is, add to a barbecue chicken sandwich, or make a smoked chicken caesar salad. Another summer grilling must-have are smoked beef ribs and beans.

#3: Tacos and Salsa

If you’re looking for some summer grill meals with a kick, tacos are a must!

From beef, pork, chicken, seafood, and even beans, you can really make tacos out of anything. And grilling them takes them to a whole new level of deliciousness you won’t find at Taco Bell. Try these pork belly tacos and fresh fish tacos recipes.

Turn up the heat on any of your tacos with this roasted tomatillo and chipotle salsa.

woman and man enjoy grill steak and veggies on a kamado joe grill

#4: Corn on the Cob

A summer picnic isn’t a summer picnic without a side of corn on the cob. You can opt to either grill or smoke your corn on the cob for a distinct smoky, sweet flavor. And all it really needs is a bit of butter, salt, and pepper to taste delicious.

If you’re looking for other grilled corn recipes, you may want to try this charred corn slaw or scallops over corn chow chow

#5: Asparagus

Asparagus is another excellent veggie for grilling. It’s fast and easy, intensifies the natural flavor, and absorbs seasonings well.

If you’re an asparagus lover and want to go all out, try this bacon parmesan asparagus dish or these grilled asparagus bundles with parmesan and prosciutto.

#6: Beans and Chili

Another summer classic side dish is beans or chili. Old fashioned baked beans are always a crowd favorite, or you could test your chili chops with this three-bean chili with smoked brisket or Guinness smoked chili.

Summer Desserts

#7: Pie

Pie may not be the first thing that pops into your head to bake on the grill, but trust us, it’s worth a shot. Use up those summer berry pickings with this triple berry pie!

#8: Cobblers

The peak peach season is summer, so you’re definitely going to want to try a grilled peach cobbler! Other summer cobblers that taste great cooked on the grill are blueberry cobblers and cherry amaretto cobblers.


Grill the Most Popular Summer Foods with Juniper

Any and all of these popular summer foods would taste amazing on the grill. If you’re ready to kick-off your summer grilling season, we’ve got what you need at Juniper in Appleton, Wisconsin. We have a wide selection of Memphis® Wood Fire and Kamado Joe® grills that are perfect for grilling, smoking, baking, you name it. Stop by today!

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