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Wisconsin’s Ultimate Guide to Hot Tubs

With Wisconsin being cool for a large portion of the year, there truly couldn’t be a better place to own a hot tub. Hot tubs let you get out and let loose a little more in the wintertime, without fear of the freezing temps. If you’re a Wisconsinite looking to buy a hot tub, you’ve come to the right place. With Wisconsin’s ultimate guide to hot tubs, you can learn everything you need to know about hot tubs before your purchase. Read on to learn about hot tub prices, plug-n-play portable hot tubs, and more!

Types of Hot Tubs

Everyone has a generic image that comes to mind when they think of hot tubs. But there’s a lot more variation than most people realize. For example, not a lot of people have heard of plug-n-play hot tubs. But these hot tubs are not to be missed!

There is also the term portable hot tubs. This might bring images of blow-up hot tubs to your mind, but that’s not exactly what it is. An inflatable hot tub is technically portable, but when you hear the term “portable spa” that can be a larger, more stationary hot tub, too. Our plug-and-play options are great for portability if you decide to move in the future. This allows you to take the hot tub with you if you move — just unplug it, drain and dry the tub, and move it to its new home.

Another hot tub type comes with some of our incredible swim spas. A swim spa combines features from a swimming pool and a hot tub all in one convenient package. The temperature control allows you to use it all year round and the larger size means you can do some swimming. Some models have jetted seats in your swim area, while others have a fully dedicated hot tub zone with its own temperature controls. Swim spas are also a great exercise tool. They offer features that allow for dynamic exercises that workout your whole body.

Hot Tub Prices

Some people might think hot tubs are out of their budget, but prices can be more reasonable than you’d think. You certainly don’t have to spend $20,000 to get a nice hot tub. Just like there’s a variety of hot tub types, there’s a variety of price ranges. Plus, we offer financing options to help with any hot tub purchase. Don’t let anything deter you from a great investment for your relaxation and wellness. With Wisconsin’s ultimate guide to hot tubs, The Pool People have the perfect model in the perfect price range.

Proper Hot Tub Usage in the Winter

Hot tub in the winter.

Though you can use a hot tub all year long, they’re definitely great for the cold winter months. You can easily warm up by jumping in your hot tub on a cold, snowy Wisconsin night. But there are some important things to remember for winter hot tub usage.

One thing you have to always think about is your hot tub’s cover. If it snows, you’ll want to make sure to clear the snow off of your hot tub. The added weight of the snow can potentially break your cover, or even cause some issues with your hot tub. So, you need to make sure to always brush the cover off after a snowfall. Don’t forget about clearing snow and ice off your hot tub steps as well! Doing these cleanings regularly will help keep you and your hot tub safe.

You may also have to treat your hot tub cover before the first snowfall of the year. This is especially true with vinyl covers. Using a conditioning product prevents your cover from cracking during the freezing winter temperatures. Cracked covers will get waterlogged and won’t protect your hot tub as well, so you want to do everything you can to avoid that.

Another thing to remember is to always keep your hot tub heater on in the winter. Some people worry about keeping their hot tub heaters up in the extreme Wisconsin cold, but the ideal soaking temperature is between 100°F to 103°F.

There’s no reason you need to turn that down when it’s especially cold outside. But if you want to save on your heating bill, you can turn the temperature down a little lower when your hot tub is not in use. Just remember to turn it back up about an hour before you want to go in for a soak.

Hot Tub Voltage

A lot of people who are considering a hot tub often worry about compatibility with their home’s electricity. They want to know if a hot tub is easy to connect to their current outlets or if they need a special electrical situation. It actually depends on what voltage the hot tub is.

Hot tubs have two main voltages: 110V and 220V. 110V hot tubs are more basic and have fewer features. These are the plug-n-play hot tubs you’ve already read about. The name comes from the fact that you can plug this hot tub into any dedicated outlet inside or outside your home. Just plug the hot tub in and you’re ready to play! The simple setup means you don’t need an electrician to help set up your hot tub.

But 220V doesn’t necessarily need to be complicated. These hot tubs are a little more luxurious and offer different features, including waterfalls and more powerful jets. You’ll need an electrician’s help for your electrical connection. A normal wall outlet can’t power this kind of hot tub because it needs more electricity.

Now that you’ve read Wisconsin’s ultimate guide to hot tubs, you’re hopefully a little more knowledgeable about what kinds of hot tubs are out there and what will work well for you. If you’re ready to take that next step towards hot tub ownership, stop in to see us at The Pool People.

We have a wide range of hot tubs, including incredible finds from Artesian Spas™, Viking Spas™, Aspen Spas, and Dream Maker Spas™, as well as our TidalFit® swim spas with a hot tub attached! Our knowledgeable professionals can help you find exactly what you need and answer any additional questions you might have. With stores in Schofield, Rhinelander, and Stevens Point, we’re sure to have a location near your Wisconsin home. Come in today for all your hot tub needs.

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