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How to Winterize an Above Ground Pool in Wisconsin

As summer is coming to an end, it is time to begin thinking about how to winterize an above ground pool in Wisconsin. This is a super important step in maintaining your pool so that everything is in good working order when spring rolls around and things start to heat up again. Without the proper precautions, you will be in for a lot of work at best, or costly repairs at worst. So once the temperatures are consistently below 65-degrees Fahrenheit, these are the steps you can take to ensure your investment is protected this winter. Or just call the experts at Juniper to have us come out and close it for you!

Clean everything to winterize an above ground pool.

The first and obvious step to winterize an above ground pool is to clean it really well. Remove any accessories and begin by scrubbing the walls or running your vacuum (or both). You should also empty the skimmer during this step. You may even choose to clear the deck or clean patio furniture while you are doing this to ensure all of your outdoor equipment is protected and cared for. 

Balance water to winterize an above ground pool.

After everything is cleaned, you can begin balancing your pool water. This should be done just like you do year-round. You want to be sure your water is as clean and clear as possible before covering it for the winter. This will save you a lot of headaches come springtime. You can get winterizing chemicals from your Juniper location. Specialized chemicals can help ensure your pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels are a little on the higher side to last longer throughout the winter. Finish things off with a good shock to kill anything else that may be left in the pool water. 

Remove the hoses from your pump and filter.

This step is important because it will keep your plumbing from freezing during the winter. Removing the hoses and drains will ensure that water isn’t standing in any lines to freeze, expand, and consequently crack or damage the item. You can store these in a garage or basement together so that you know where they are when it is time to open your pool. Again, if this step seems too intimidating, you can have the experts at Juniper come out and close your pool for you, so you don’t have to stress about more technical steps like this one.

Lower the water level in your above ground pool.

You have almost reached the final step to winterize an above ground pool, and this one is simple. You want to lower the water level of your pool so that there isn’t any water left in your skimmer. Lower it to just below the skimmer line. You can use a shop vac to get out any remaining water. This will ensure there is no water present in your skimmer to freeze and expand during the winter, cracking the skimmer housing area. 

Cover the pool.

The final step is to use a safety cover or winter cover to cover the pool for the winter. This will keep debris from entering the pool or snow and ice causing the water level to rise and damage anything. For further protection, you can add a pool pillow to allow any freezing snow or ice to expand more easily in and around the pool to prevent major damage. 

After following these steps, your above ground pool will be ready for winter in Wisconsin. If you need help with any part of the process, reach out to Juniper in Wisconsin. We are happy to help you winterize your above ground pool this year.


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