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Why You Should Use a Swim Spa in Cold Weather

Do you believe that a swim spa is best used during the summer months? Or have you wondered if, like a swimming pool, you would have to close your swim spa during winter? While some people do tuck away their swim spa, it truly would be a shame to miss such an amazing season. In fact, swim spa use during winter is one of the biggest selling points! As a year-round retreat, people up north have found their aquatic space of fitness, relaxation, and restoration. Here’s why you should use a swim spa in cold weather.

Escape the Cold and Enjoy the Warmth

It may seem odd to go in the backyard to get warm, but that’s exactly what will happen! While months of cold weather have seeped into your bones, you can escape the chill in the warm water of your swim spa. Immerse yourself in hydro-luxury with the best swim spa on the market. Enjoy your backyard and the beauty of nature. You can choose to go for a swim, workout, or just enjoy cherished family time. Or, your swim spa is a perfect place to teach your children or grandchildren to swim. The fresh air will be good for you, and the warmth of the water will add to the joy of being outside. Add a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite coffee for the absolute perfect space for conversation and relaxation.

De-Stress and Relax

You’re well into a new year, but you may still be carrying around some stress from the old one. Let a swim spa’s hydrotherapy jets soothe both body and mind. The warm water along with a calm, peaceful backyard atmosphere will set the stage for relaxation and restoration. Are you ready to allow all the stressors of life to melt away?  A swim spa experience will leave you feeling perfectly relaxed and rejuvenated.  You’ll be ready for all the change of seasons brings your way.

Whisk Away Aches and Pains

Cold weather does wreak havoc on our bodies. Activities like shoveling snow will leave you dealing with sore, achy muscles. The winter cold also exacerbates issues with inflammation and chronic pain. For those who suffer from conditions like arthritis, the winter cold is never welcome. Using a swim spa provides wonderful therapeutic qualities. Are you tired of dealing with all those winter aches and pains? The warm water coupled with hydrotherapy jets can help heal overworked muscles, reduce inflammation, and reduce chronic pain.

Now that you are convinced that year-round use of a swim spa is a fantastic idea, don’t wait! Enjoy all the benefits that come from swim spa ownership by coming to see us at The Pool People, where we have four convenient locations to serve you. You’ll see that we carry a full line of Tidal Fit® Swim Spas to make getting through the cold Wisconsin weather a whole lot more enjoyable than you ever thought it could be. Winter, spring, summer or fall, your swim spa is the perfect place to be.

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