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Why You Need a Wood Shed in Wisconsin

Placing a storage shed in your backyard can have numerous benefits. You may see it as an unnecessary (but nice) thing to add to your backyard. But at Juniper, we are here to tell you that a shed in Wisconsin is really more of a necessity. There are so many uses for a quality storage shed, it pushes from the level of something nice you could have to something wonderful you should have — especially if you live in the harsh climate of Wisconsin.

Everyone can use the extra storage.

There’s never truly enough storage at home. Whether you want to free up your garage, basement, closets or other storage areas, storage will be the most obvious use for a new wooden shed. Most people who purchase an outdoor building do so to have extra room to store the things they use or need. You can keep anything from tools, to wood, to items you are not currently using in your home there.

A shed in Wisconsin means extra space for your home.

At this point, we have all heard of she sheds. This is essentially making use of your outdoor building for a private personal space. You could set up an office in your space if you are working from home now and need a quieter area to be in. You could set up a game type space for you kids to play in, so they have some freedom to spread out and play. Or, set up a beautiful little painter’s studio or gardening area. Again, the possibilities are endless for how you could use a shed to make an extra space for your family to use regularly. It adds square footage to your home at an unbeatable price point. It can also be done much quicker than waiting to add a new addition to your home. This makes it a wonderful addition for any residence.

Wisconsin’s harsh winters make it a wonderful place to store firewood and emergency supplies.

The thing that makes a storage shed necessary in Wisconsin are the harsh winters we can experience here. With crazy snowstorms and heavy snow loads that come up, you never know if you may lose power. It is wise to have supplies ready if that happens. If you have a generator to get electricity to your home, a shed would be a great place to store that. If you have a wood burning fireplace, you of course need somewhere dry to store the firewood to use throughout the winter. It also makes a wonderful place to store other emergency supplies you may have along these lines. You can never be too prepared for such an event. 

Outdoor buildings are useful to most anyone you know, but they are necessary to stay prepared in Wisconsin. If you are in the market for a new shed in Wisconsin, we have a variety of styles and options available at Juniper. Let us help you find one that fits your style and helps you to prepare for the seasons ahead.

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