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The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

Why Every Couple Needs a Billiards Table

It’s a fact: couples with shared interests have healthier relationships. Having something in common builds a sense of connection between individuals. In particular, sharing a hobby or a sport allows couples an opportunity to spend mutually enjoyable time together. Next, partaking in a sport such as billiards is a terrific way for couples to bond as a team with one another. And lastly, having mutual interests is a strong predictor of a long-term relationship. This is why every couple needs a billiards table!

Something To Look Forward To

When you and your partner share a passion for an activity, you make plans to enjoy it together as often as time allows. A rousing game of billiards is something to look forward to. It is a great opportunity to spend time together and converse as a couple. Plus, when you share an enjoyable experience, you tend to want to repeat it. Make playing billiards a regular part of your life, and you will find yourself pleasantly anticipating this special time spent with your partner.

Create Rituals of Connection

Couples who make time to enjoy each other form closer bonds. Having a special activity that is “yours” makes you more of a team. It also fosters better communication and trust. This “team mentality” spills over into other areas of your life. You will find that you work together better as parents, when budgeting your finances, or planning your future. Whatever you do, you develop the attitude that you are in it together.

Stay Fit Together

People of all ages and abilities can enjoy the sport of billiards. Numerous health benefits are associated with playing billiards. Some of these benefits are improved balance, better hand/eye coordination, and greater focus and problem solving. The best thing is that billiards is a life-long sport, one at which both youngsters and the elderly can succeed. Start playing billiards together as a young couple, and you could still be playing together well into your retirement years!

Switch It Up: Get Social!

As much as billiards may be a big part of the way you spend your special time with your partner, it is also a very social sport that can be enjoyed with friends. You may enjoy inviting friends over for an evening of billiards, or going out to a pub or bar and playing with others. The billiards table is similar to the dining table, in that it brings people together. Studies have shown the importance of staying active and having social relationships. When you play billiards with others, you are having conversations, engaging in friendly competition, and getting to know one another. Enjoying the game with friends can slow down the aging process and has many other positive effects on mental function. Finally, spending time with a social circle can strengthen your identification as a couple while keeping you connected to the outside world.

Couples who share common interests and spend time together have better, longer-lasting relationships. Playing billiards together gives you something to look forward to, a way to form a closer bond as a couple, and is something you can enjoy all of your lives. This is why every couple needs a billiards table. Those who play together, stay together!

At The Pool People, we have a great selection of pool tables to fit every location and style. We invite you to stop by any of our locations and play a game on one of the many tables we have to choose from. Our professional staff is on hand to guide you to the perfect choice for you.


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