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above-ground pools are perfect for families
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Why Above-Ground Pools Are Perfect For Families

Are you a family with kids? Have your children been pestering you to get a pool? There are many reasons a swimming pool could be beneficial, but Juniper would like to tell you in particular why above-ground pools are perfect for families. Above-ground pools have come a long way in the past number of years. The ones manufactured today are superior in every way, being more durable, longer lasting, and built with safety in mind. They are a wonderful option for families. Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

Above-Ground Pools Are Perfect for Families Because…

They Are Affordable

Above-ground pools are far less expensive than inground pools, making them an affordable choice for families on a budget. Far from being an investment that lasts one summer, a Doughboy®, Cornelius®, or Embassy® steel/resin above-ground pool can last up to 20 years or more with good care. These manufacturers have a large selection of styles and sizes for every income level. Furthermore, when you shop with Juniper, financing is available.

They Work Well in Smaller Yards

If your family is in a starter home, you may have a small backyard. There are many choices of above-ground pools that will easily overcome the obstacle of a small yard. Also, above-ground pools are perfect for families in this situation because they are fast and easy to install. Most can be installed in just a few days, even as a DIY project.

You Can Take It With You When You Move

One very appealing feature of why above-ground pools are perfect for families is that they can be moved. When your family upgrades to a larger home, the pool can come with you! 

Your Kids Will Get Lots of Exercise

If you worry about the amount of time your kids spend on electronic devices, having a pool in the backyard will be a welcome distraction. As a matter of fact, they will be having so much fun in the water, they won’t even think about missing their screen time. An above-ground pool will get your kids off the couch and out into the fresh air.

They Have Safety Features

Above-ground pools have the built-in safety feature of being higher off the ground, which makes it far more difficult for children and pets to fall in. Most above-ground pools come with safety ladders that can be locked and secured to restrict access to the pool. In addition, surrounding your above-ground pool with fencing and a locking gate further ensures the safety of your family and is required by many municipalities.  Always have a safety plan in place, and never let children near or in the pool unsupervised.

The Ultimate Reason? Above Ground Pools = Family Together Time

Above-ground pools are perfect for families because they provide the ideal environment for the whole family to spend time together. Once that pool is installed in your backyard, your children will spend more time at home. It will become the focal point of the backyard, with the whole family joining in the water activities, enjoying barbecues, and socializing with friends. When you get an above-ground pool, you will find yourselves creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Do you see why above-ground pools are perfect for families? Are you ready to begin the transformation of your backyard into the family-centered oasis you and your kids have dreamed of? If so, come into Juniper’s showroom in Appleton, Wisconsin, and talk to our professional staff about getting the perfect above-ground pool for your family. With our complete line of pools from Doughboy, Embassy, and Cornelius, we will help you find the model that suits your needs best.

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