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A swim spa perfectly adorns the backyard of a family home.
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Why a Swim Spa is Perfect for the Whole Family

The word is out: swim spas are the versatile swim fixture that your backyard is missing! With a swim spa like an Artesian Spas™ TidalFit® Exercise Pool or FitSpa from Juniper, your patio is prepared for exercise, entertainment, and relaxation for all ages. Are you trying to decide what pool and spa option is the right fit for you and your loved ones? Read on to discover why a swim spa is perfect for the whole family.

Kids Love Pool Time and Swim Lessons in Your Swim Spa

As you may remember, childhood summers near the water are the best kind of summer. Now, you can give the kids endless summers in the sun right in your backyard. A swim spa is the perfect size for a summer of pool time fun for the kiddos. 

With a swim spa, you get the swim party accommodations of an above-ground pool with the water current control of a hot tub. This means you can play in the swim spa with the kids all day and then fire up the jets and relax after you put them to bed. 

You can even utilize your swim spa as an at-home swimming-lesson classroom. An exercise pool is the perfect size for a controlled and private environment for your kids to learn how to swim and develop water confidence. You can get certified yourself or host a certified swimming instructor at your fully-equipped swim zone.

Forever Young at the Swim Spa Party

Next, the kids aren’t the only ones who like to have fun in the swim spa. Your tweens can live it up at fun and splashy birthday parties in the swim spa. Your teens can invite their favorite teammates over after the game to chill out in the spa while their favorite tunes play. 

As for the adults, your swim spa is the new ladies’ night hot spot. Pour some tasty drinks and invite over some friends for connecting time in the spa. Fire up the grill and you’ll have no choice but to relish every delightful moment of your adult pool party in the swim spa.

On Easter, float some plastic Easter eggs in the swim spa for a wet Easter egg hunt for the kids. Then, make your swim spa the centerpiece of your extended family’s July 4th barbecue. Later, turn on the spooky lights and have an adults-only swim spa Halloween party. 

After a full year of spa fun, start fresh with a cold weather New Year’s soak in your toasty spa. The weather outside may be frightful, but in your swim spa it is so delightful.

A man works out in an exercise pool.

Stay Fit All Year in Your Exercise Pool

Family members in every era of life can benefit from your swim spa’s workout capabilities. Go ahead and cancel your gym membership. Your exercise pool is equipped to offer you a full-body workout right at home! 

Avoid heat exhaustion for summer workouts by exercising in the refreshing water of your Artesian Spas™ TidalFit® Exercise Pool or FitSpa from Juniper. Relax your muscles after an intense fitness session with some hydrotherapy with your tub jets. Then, keep your workout regimen consistent well into the cold months of winter with an exercise pool that is always ready.

Furthermore, you can build your stamina by turning on your exercise pool’s current for some gentle resistance. The low impact of swim spa workouts on your body makes it perfect for exercising at all different ages. Both older athletes and injured people can benefit from easy aquatic workouts in a swim spa.


Now Everybody Just RELAX

After your thrilling swim spa workout, get sports therapy like the pros in your exercise pool. Your swim spa is a healing oasis where you can relax and rejuvenate your muscles and body. Soothing hydrotherapy jets massage your body and relieve tenseness. 

The whole family can find some peace and calm in your swim spa. Whether you’re recovering from a long workout or a long day, your mind will quickly be at ease as you lay back in comfort. People of all ages can reduce stress and feel relief floating away in a swim spa.

A swim spa is romantically lit at night.


Turn Up the Jets and Turn Up the Romance

Once all the kids are fast asleep, mom and dad get to set the mood with the spa’s special features. Lovers old and young will enjoy quality time in the swim spa, since each swim spa is fully equipped with all the sensory accoutrements of a hot tub. In your swim spa, date night is just right every time.

First, turn on the spa mood lights and add a few candles for extra ambience. Then, activate the warming jets to help things heat up. Add some music to make it really special. Now all that’s missing is the only one you want to share it with.

Grandparents Love Swim Spas Too

Clearly, kids and parents alike love life with a swim spa. But grandparents love swim spas too for their own reasons. An exercise pool is an ideal size for grandparents to entertain the grandkids who are over for the afternoon. Just bring out the pool toys and the juice boxes and it’s a party at grandma and grandpa’s house!

After pool time with the grandparents is over and the kids are back home, grandma and grandpa love weekly hydrotherapy in the swim spa. Regular warm soaks in a swim spa are connected to a plethora of health benefits for seniors. With a swim spa just a couple steps into the backyard, retirement can be filled with luxury and comfort.

Delight the Whole Family with a Swim Spa from Juniper

No need for a family meeting to figure this one out: your backyard is missing something, and a versatile swim spa is it! Whether it’s for the kids, for mom and dad, or for the grandparents, let this be the summer you take the swim spa plunge. Juniper is your source in Appleton for swim spas and all your pool and spa needs. Stop by our store or contact us to see how a swim spa can be the perfect fit for your whole family.

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