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Why a Swim Spa is Perfect for the Holiday Season

There are so many advantages to owning a swim spa, and you’ll be glad to have one this holiday season! A swim spa is perfect for the holiday season because it can bring an extra measure of fitness, fun, and relaxation to you and all your guests.

Swim Spas Can be Used in the Cold Season

Unlike conventional swimming pools, which need to be closed in the harsh Wisconsin winter, you can use your swim spa all year. That means you can swim in your swim spa from September to spring, when other outdoor pools will be closed for the winter. The cold weather cannot interrupt your fitness regimen when you get your workout in your own swim spa!

Turn Up the Heat

You can turn up the temperature in your swim spa higher than you can in a full-size swimming pool. Take a swim or just lounge in the warm water, even when there’s snow on the ground! No one wants to jump into a cold pool in the middle of December, but you’ll look forward to taking a swim during the cold months when you set your swim spa to the water temperature of your choosing.

FitSpas are Great for Entertaining

The TidalFitⓇ FitSpas include an exercise pool for swimming and an attached hot tub. When you have friends and family over for the holidays, they will love taking an evening soak in the hot tub after dinner. Become the ultimate holiday party host with your FitSpa hot tub. Our swim spas’ LED lighting and stereo systems bring the fun to a new level. Set the LED lights to a fun color and connect your phone to the Bluetooth speakers, and you’ll be all set to bring your holiday party guests outside for a fun and relaxing dip in your swim spa.

Work Out Any Day, Any Time

No need to leave home to go to the pool — you can swim right in your backyard. Gyms usually aren’t open on holidays, but your swim spa is! You can swim off your Thanksgiving calories at your convenience. No need to worry about whether the pool at the gym will be open or if you will have to share your lane. Swimming isn’t the only exercise you can do in an exercise pool. You can also install rowing bars into your swim spa for strength training.

Relax and Destress

The holidays can be a stressful time with all the rushing around, entertaining, planning, and events going on. Taking a swim and soaking in the attached hot tub is a great way to release some of the tension in your body and your mind. Enjoy your time alone or unwind with a loved one. Take advantage of our swim spas’ hydrotherapy systems as you soak. The jets will target tight muscles and soothe your body.

Now you know why a swim spa is perfect for the holiday season! Take a look at the swim spas we carry here at Juniper at our store in Appleton, Wisconsin, or on our website. There are so many options, and each model is customizable to suit your aesthetic preferences. A new swim spa can make the holiday season one of greater health, fun, relaxation, and convenience.

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