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When Do Above Ground Pools Go on Sale?
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When Do Above Ground Pools Go on Sale?

The decision to purchase and install an above ground pool is one of the most exciting seasons for your whole family. Whether you’ve been saving for your new above ground pool for years, or you just recently decided to take the plunge, you’re probably looking for the best possible pool for your home. So, when do above ground pools go on sale? With Juniper, you’ll have all the information you need to get the best pool for your backyard before swim season starts.

When Do Above Ground Pools Go on Sale? Check Out Peak Pool-Purchase Season

If you’d like to purchase an above ground pool this year, it’s best to look for pools for sale during pool purchasing season. At this time of year, many people are starting to consider installing an above ground pool. As a result, you may find great deals on above ground pool packages during these months. And if you are in the market for a quality pool that will stand the test of time, Juniper is the largest pool and spa dealer in Wisconsin. We have the best brands to get your family into their new aquatic space. With a complete line of pools available from Doughboy, Embassy, and Cornelius Pools, we have the perfect option for your backyard. 

When Do Above Ground Pools Go on Sale at the End of the Year? Try the Fall Months

Once it hits September in Wisconsin, chances are that the swimming season is coming to an end. Even though the weather won’t cool down immediately, kids go back to school and families get into busier routines. At this point, you may find a good deal on an above ground pool. However, it’s better to buy sooner than later so that you can enjoy your pool all through the summer months.

Pool Financing Options

Once you find your perfect pool, there are options to help you finance the above ground pool of your dreams. By financing your pool, you can spread out your above ground pool payments over time at a low monthly rate. This way, you can have your above ground pool installed sooner rather than later – without having to wait to save up cash for the total payment price.

Competitive Prices and Excellent Service for Your Above Ground Pool

At Juniper, we’re here to offer you competitive pricing on high-quality above ground pools all year long. For more information on above ground pricing, you can use our convenient online form. You can also visit us in person at our showroom.

Want to talk to an expert about above ground pools? The staff at Juniper are absolute pros. Whether in person or over the phone, we can walk you through the benefits and differences of each pool brand and model to ensure that you choose the one that is absolutely ideal for your needs. Soon, you and your family will be enjoying that cool, blue retreat that you’ve been dreaming about.

No matter your budget, we can help you find the right above ground pool to fit your needs. Make sure to visit our specials page to keep track of our latest promotions. 

When do above ground pools go on sale? Contact us today to talk about stock availability, pricing, financing and more. At Juniper, we are your one-stop shop for all your above ground pool needs this year.

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