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What’s the Process for Buying a Hot Tub?


Researching your new hot tub purchase shouldn’t be confusing. While it does take some planning, research, and hands-on experience during the process, doing so will ensure you get the ideal hot tub to meet all your needs. Our customer care members at The Pool People want to make your buying process as seamless as possible. Here are a few things to consider in your quest for the perfect spa.


Purchasing a hot tub from a reputable brand with a local dealer is paramount to a happy, long-term ownership experience. At times, those deals online and in the big box stores seem so enticing. Don’t be fooled! Cheap spas cost more in the long run due to poor energy efficiency, sub-par quality and parts, and lack of local support. Resist the lure and go with a highly-reviewed, established brand you can trust. The Pool People carry a large selection of spas lines, including Artesian SpasTM, Four Winds Spas, Strong Spas, and Dream Maker SpasTM— all reputable, highly-rated brands that ensure you the most enjoyable ownership experience.

Size and Seating

Size and seating are other important factors to consider. As you browse your options, consider the space, seating, and needs of the people who will be using your spa.

  • Do you want a comfortable, relaxing, intimate space for two?
  • Do you need seating for the whole family?
  • Is having guests over for recreation and conversation important to you?
  • Do you need circuit seating for the ultimate in hydromassage or athletic recovery?
  • Do you need upright or lounge seating options? Both?

Making a list of uses and options can help you narrow down what you are looking for.

The size of your hot tub also matters. There are different heights and depths available. Whether you are the height of an NBA player or a pixie-sized Tinker Bell, hot tub size will affect your comfort level. This is where some real fun begins. In the process of finding your perfect spa, you need to wet test some different options. Your private test soak at The Pool People offers you the opportunity to try before you buy. You’ll view first-hand the different brands, models, sizes and amenities available. You will also have the chance to be professionally fitted to the spa size that is right for you. Call us at 1-800-472-1926 or contact us today to schedule your free test soak.

Amenities and Accessories

The components and features of hot tubs on the market can vary like a Cadillac versus a Ford Taurus. Many features and options are for durability, maintenance ease, security, efficiency, and comfort. But, you’ll want a hot tub that does more than just churn the water. Quality jets are designed for effective hydrotherapy. Placement and number of jets are structured to offer a different hydrotherapy experience in each seat. High-quality insulation and secure covers make a big difference in energy efficiency. LED lights, digital controls, Bluetooth and audio capabilities can also enhance your overall enjoyment. Additional user-friendly accessories can make your hot tub a space you never want to leave.


Knowing your budget will help you narrow down the plethora of choices. It will also help you save time in choosing your new hot tub. Make a list of your absolute needs in priority. Work from there to add the additional add-ons you want. Ask us about available financing. You can enjoy your hot tub now and spread payment over the course of ownership.


One of the last things to consider in your hot tub purchase process is finding a dealership you can trust. You never want to be stranded with a purchase that does not offer ongoing support and service in the future. Your incredible hot tub from The Pool People comes with the ultimate in service and support. Our company is not a here-today, gone-tomorrow business that will leave you stranded. The Pool People has been in business for over four decades. We are dedicated to serving you through the life of your purchase. When you have questions, we have answers. When you need support and service, we are here to help. Our free water testing for loyal customers also ensures that your hot tub water is sparkling, clear, and ready to use anytime you are.

You’ll quickly notice there’s not another company on earth who cares about your home enjoyment more than The Pool People. The Pool People staff at any of our three convenient locations will not only help you find your perfect hot tub fit, we will also make your test soak, financing, and delivery as seamless as possible. Your transition to a hot tub owner will leave you on cloud nine — knowing that there is no better hot tub match for you than a quality spa from The Pool People. Come in today to experience the transformational difference that a hot tub from The Pool People can bring to your life.

What's the Process for Buying a Hot Tub?

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