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Game Room Wish list for Santa
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What’s on Your Game Room Wish List for Santa?

Can you believe it’s already Christmastime? The holidays sure did seem to sneak up on us this year. Santa has to start making his list and checking it twice soon! Do you have yours ready? If not, we have some ideas for your game room wish list for Santa.

A Brand New Billiards Table

If you’re looking to revamp your game room this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with asking for a brand new billiards table, plus all of the accessories. Billiards is a game the whole family can enjoy. Just grab a step stool and help your little ones play.

Or, if you want to just play with the adults, that’s okay, too. Billiards is a perfect game for entertaining guests. Even if they don’t know how to play, most people are ready to try or happy to just watch and chat. The slow pace of the game makes it perfect for socializing and having fun at the same time.

Fresh Out of the Box Foosball

Do you need a little more competition than billiards offers? Well, a foosball table may be just the perfect fit for you. Again, this game is great for all ages, but is a little faster paced than billiards. It’s an easy game to learn and tends to be more luck than skill, so it’s a great game for everyone.

Picture Perfect Ping Pong

Not every item on your game room wish list for Santa needs to entertain guests. What if you’re looking for an item to just entertain yourself recreationally during the cold Wisconsin winter? Give ping pong a try. With a ping pong table in your home, you’ll stay busy for hours. Plus, ping pong (also known as table tennis) is an Olympic sport, so that counts as your workout for the day, right?

A Dazzling Dart Board

So you have a billiards table, a foosball table, and a ping pong table. What’s missing on your wish list? That’s right, a dart board. Nothing quite says “game room” like a dart board. It’s a classic game that doesn’t take up any space because it hangs on your wall. Just be sure to leave a pathway so you have a spot to throw the darts.

Go Heavy on the Hockey

You can never have too much hockey, and that includes your game room. Why put just one hockey-related item on your wish list when you could have two? Air hockey and bubble hockey are both great additions to your game room and will keep you occupied for hours. Other people may market these items to kids, but we think they’re a lot of fun for anyone.

Send Santa Your Wish List Today

Now that you have your game room wish list for Santa ready to go, it’s time to send it to him! The elves may be backed up a little bit this time of year, but that’s no problem. Santa can get any game room items he needs from The Pool People. We carry everything you need to make your game room the best ever. Stop by today to see for yourself just how wonderful this Christmas can be.

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