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What Materials are Billiards Tables Made of?

Billiards table materials have come a long way in the past few years. Now, depending on your preferences and aesthetic, billiards tables come in a variety of materials to suit your needs. Do you like a more modern, industrial look? Or do you have a more classic, old-school style? Here is a breakdown of the range of billiards table materials.


Wood Finishes

The more traditional material that billiards tables are made from is wood. Wood works best for a more classic or rustic billiards table style.

However, these days wood billiards tables can also have a more contemporary vibe with a clean-line design.

Billiards tables are available in many types of wood, like maple, oak, pine and even tulipwood, with a wide range of finishes from light golden to the deepest black.


Metal Finish

If industrial is more your style, there are also billiards tables made out of metal. Like wood, metal billiards tables have a variety of finishes to choose from and can also come with hammered-on designs and patterns.

Many metal billiards tables also have the added benefit of non-scratch surfaces. So, you never have to worry about the material scuffing.


Lacquer Finish

If metal or wood finishes still aren’t quite what you’re looking for, you can choose a billiards table with a shiny lacquer finish. Lacquer can also give you a little more color variety—especially if you were looking for a billiards table that was bright white or matte black.


Billiard Cloth

The other material used on billiards tables is cloth. Billiard cloth is typically a type of felt made from wool woven with some other fiber, like nylon or polyester. The type of weave done also determines the quality of the cloth.

The most standard and affordable type of billiard cloth is napped cloth. With its looser weave, napped cloth is easier to manufacture. However, this makes it more susceptible to “pilling” or having little felt tufts form, and it’s not as smooth as higher-end billiard cloth.

The highest quality of billiard cloth is known as worsted cloth, found on billiards tables built for professional competitors. Worsted cloth has a very tight weave, creating a smoother surface for playing. It also lasts quite a bit longer than napped cloth.

Whether you choose napped or worsted, billiard cloth comes in a huge range of colors, from classic pool hall green to elegant, deep burgundy.


Billiard Pockets Materials

Billiard pockets also have a few different material options, like rubber, plastic, and cotton mesh. High-end billiards tables, however, have pockets made out of genuine leather.


No matter what materials you want your new billiards table made from, we have a wide selection here at Juniper in Appleton! We offer top-quality brands like Plank & Hide, Olhausen and more, with billiards tables made from all the best materials for you to choose from.

Stop by today to view what billiards tables and accessories we have in stock. We can also special order your dream billiards table from one of our brands if we don’t have the model you’re looking for available.

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