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What Chemicals and Supplies Do I Need to Open My Own Swimming Pool?

It’s getting closer and closer to summer, which means thoughts of pool openings are starting to swirl in the minds of pool owners. You may be wondering, “What chemicals and supplies do I need to open my own swimming pool?” There are several ways you can go about opening your pool. You can hire a pool opening service, get a pool opening kit for an easier DIY open, or opt for the total do-it-yourself method of buying pool opening supplies in-store.

Open My Own Swimming Pool: Pool Opening Kit

A pool opening kit is an easy buy. They contain opening chemicals, and also usually contain water testing equipment for your pool water. Though this is a good go-to for chemicals, you may still need some additional supplies to open your pool — especially if this is your first time doing it on your own.

If you’re looking to hire a service to open your pool, check out The Pool People’s options. We have standard and customizable pool options available to ensure you have a fantastic pool opening this year. However, if you’re more of a do-it-yourself person, you’ll need to know exactly what chemicals and supplies you’ll need. Opening a pool on your own can be an extensive process, so make sure you have everything you need before getting started.

Pool Chemicals

There are several chemicals required for opening a pool. These chemicals help to keep your pool clean, clear, and sanitary. Before putting any chemicals in, though, you need to test the water balance. Water tests help you determine how much of each chemical has to be added to your pool. Definitely check chlorine levels, as chlorine helps keep the water clean. You also need to check your pool’s pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels.

Now that you’ve checked these levels, you can figure out which chemicals you need and how much. This is a list of the chemicals needed to open your pool:

  • Chlorine or a chlorine alternative
  • pH Increaser or Decreaser
  • Alkalinity Increaser or Decreaser
  • Calcium Increaser or Decreaser
  • Pool Shock
  • Algaecide

Those last two chemicals listed serve as a chemical defense for pool containments that may have taken hold over the winter. You may also want to buy a stain and scale preventer to help keep your pool surfaces, sides, and tiles clean.

Supplies to Buy In-Store

“Aside from chemicals, what else do I need to open my own pool this year?” That’s a great question. You also need several supplies to open your pool. One of them is the water test mentioned above. These usually come in kits or strips that test different chemical levels.

You also need to clear your cover before you remove it. Use a shop vac or pool cover pump to remove debris and dirty water from your pool cover. Also, you should give the cover a more thorough cleaning once it’s removed.

Some other supplies you need include a pool brush, pool vacuum, and algae brush. These can help you clean the pool water and remove any debris that has accumulated. You can use these tools first thing after you remove your cover. And you should also use them throughout the opening process to make sure the water is always kept clean.

Open My Own Pool This Season

Now that you know what chemicals and supplies you need, you can open your own pool this season. If you’re looking to stock up now, visit us at The Pool People. We have our annual chemical sale coming up and our experienced associates can help you pick out the chemicals and supplies you’ll need to open your pool this summer.

And if you decide you would rather have professional pool opening service, you can sign up for our pool opening package and let us do the work while you enjoy the sunny Wisconsin weather. With The Pool People, your swim season couldn’t get much better!

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