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The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

What are the sizes of swim spas available?

Are you still feeling the excitement and expectation of a new year? You may be wondering how to get your workout in without going to the gym or local swimming pool. A TidalFit® Exercise Pool or FitSpa is an excellent alternative that combines many of the luxuries of having a gym membership, a hot tub, and a swimming pool all into one.

Swim spas come in various sizes, and you can use them year-round. They are the perfect way to get high-resistance, low-impact exercise, plus relaxation in the privacy and convenience of your backyard. So, what are the sizes of swim spas available? Let the experts at Juniper help you figure out the perfect size for your wants and needs.

TidalFit Exercise Pool Sizes

At Juniper, we sell TidalFit Exercise Pools for people looking for an alternative to a full-sized pool for their home. TidalFit is known for its design, efficiency, and easy maintenance. You can adjust the swimming and water resistance exercises for each family member. We offer 12’, 14’ and 15’ models for your active lifestyle.

The Active and ActivePlus EP-12

Both of these 12-foot exercise pools are the perfect entry point to owning a swim spa. These models have all the recreational benefits of a swim spa and hot tub in one convenient package. A 12’ swim spa is a great fit for a smaller backyard. Semi-in-ground options are also available for maximum energy efficiency.

The Premium EP-14 and Core Swimmer

Featuring 14’ of swimming space, do your workouts with the Quad Swim Jet System or the Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer. Workout year-round with the 60 Hz heater. You can even customize your experience with a BellagioFall water feature, 28 or 32 Helix Jets, and a Bluetooth® music experience in some models.

Pro EP-15

At 15′, this is the longest swim spa in the collection. No matter what swim workout you are looking for, the Pro EP-15 offers ample swimming space plus the Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer or the Quad Swim Jet System. Add the Hydrotherapy System for extra relaxation after your workout. With a BellagioFall water feature, 34 Helix Jets, and a 3.0 HP continuous one-speed pump, you will be wondering why you didn’t purchase a swim spa earlier.

FitSpa Size Options

TidalFit FitSpas feature an exercise pool with built-in stairs. After swimming or exercising in the large swim spa, get warm and relax in the separate hot tub with dual controls and jets. All FitSpas are available in semi-in-ground options for maximum energy efficiency. 

You have multiple sizes available in the DT and DTL models:

  • DT-19: 13’ exercise pool plus 6’ hot tub
  • DT-21: 13’ exercise pool plus 8’ hot tub
  • DTL-6: 14’ exercise pool plus 6’ hot tub
  • DTL-8: 14’ exercise pool plus 8’ hot tub

Why Choose Juniper?

When you choose Juniper for your recreational needs and amenities, you get a company that has over four decades of exceptional service in the central and northern Wisconsin area. We have established ourselves as a reputable company that you can rely on for all of your outdoor and recreational needs. 

We continue to offer the same amazing service you expect from us. From backyard pools to patio furniture, gaming tables, and of course, swim spas, our friendly experts at Juniper in Appleton are here for you. We can also show you your options and assist you in any way we can to get the perfect swim spa size for your needs. We even offer private test soaks for free! Visit us in person or online to start your new fitness and relaxation journey today.


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