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Basic Accessories you need with a brand new pool table
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What are the Basic Accessories You Need with a Brand-New Pool Table?

A pool table is one of the best investments you can make. First, it’s fun for the whole family, and also a great focal point when entertaining. Since it is a fairly substantial purchase, you will be eager to get it set up just right so everyone can start enjoying it. You may be asking yourself, “What are the basic accessories you need with a brand-new pool table?” Most new pool tables come with a few accessories to get you started.

However, in many cases, there are certain items that you may want to upgrade to provide a better game experience. As your number one go-to source for pool tables and accessories, Juniper is here to provide a guide to what items will enhance your experience with your new pool table.  

Cues for Your New Pool Table

Most new pool tables come with a couple of pool cues to get you started. Experienced players will tell you that the best pool cues are made from a hardwood such as maple and ash, although other hardwoods may be used as well. Having a well-made pool cue that is properly balanced, the right size, and comfortable for you to use is important when you want to play your best game.

Take a look at our recent blog post “10 Things to Consider When Buying the Best Billiard Cue Stick” for selection tips. A cue rest is another basic accessory that can help you play a better game of billiards. Its function is to give the player a bit of extra room to make a shot when it is out of reach for a normal play. 

Your Choice of Balls for Your New Pool Table

Your new pool table will come with a standard set of plastic-coated pool balls, which are great to get you started. If you choose to upgrade your balls, you may want to purchase a set of Aramith balls. These balls are of professional quality that are made from a hard resin material. Aramith balls are very shiny and rich in color. They also provide less friction on the table and can improve a player’s game.

Triangle Rack for Your New Pool Table

Most pool tables will come with a standard triangle rack for holding billiard balls in their starting position for a pool game. There are many upgrades to this basic accessory that you can choose from to make an attractive enhancement to your new pool table. Depending on what pool games you play, there are also ball racks that are in a diamond shape.

Tools for Keeping Your New Pool Table Clean

It is important to keep the surface of your pool table clean. A brush set will be a very handy basic accessory to have on hand to maintain the surface of your pool table. Another useful accessory for your pool table is an elasticized table cover that will keep dust and lint off the table’s surface when it is not in use.

A Cue/Ball Rack

A cue and ball rack is not just a handy item to keep your supplies organized, it can be a true focal point in your game room. You need to store your pool cues properly to avoid damage to them and to keep them in good condition.

There are two types of cue racks: a floor stand or a wall-mounted rack. A deluxe wall rack will have space for all your pool supplies, like cues, triangle racks, and balls. A wall rack takes up less space than a floor rack and will display your pool accessories beautifully.

Proper Lighting

Finally, good lighting is essential if you want to play a decent game of pool. The typical lighting found in most rooms will not provide the specific table-focused lighting you need to illuminate your new pool table.  An effectively lit playing surface will be bright and free of shadows. There are many attractive lighting fixtures designed for playing pool, and the experts at Juniper can show you some of the many choices available. 


What are the basic accessories you need with a brand-new pool table? Stop by Juniper Pools in Appleton and let our expert staff help you make the best choices in pool accessories. You will be playing your best game before you know it.

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