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Voltage Options for Hot Tubs

There are many ways to customize your hot tub to meet your spa fantasy. You may be surprised to learn that there are even different voltage options for hot tubs. Spas come in voltage options of 120 volts and 240 volts. While 120 V hot tubs are convenient to plug in, 240 V hot tubs pack more power. Both voltage options for hot tubs are good choices depending on your needs!

120-Volt Hot Tubs

Usually, most homes in the United States are outfitted with 120-volt outlets (the ones with the three little holes). This ubiquity of 120 V power outlets makes owning a 120 V hot tub much more convenient. If you own a 120-volt plug-and-play spa, you can plug it into any 120-volt outlet inside or outside your home. 

While a 120 V hot tub can sometimes run more petite than a 240 V hot tub, that’s not a hard-and-fast rule. Because it is more likely that your home or patio already includes a few 120 V outlet options, you may have more freedom in designing your spa area with a 120-volt hot tub. Just make sure your hot tub has the outlet all to itself. 

Furthermore, this also means your 120 V hot tub will have more freedom of movement if you want to redecorate your patio when summer ends. All you need is another common 120 V outlet, and your spa has a new home base. This portability is why 120-volt hot tubs are often dubbed “plug-and-play” spas. First you plug (in the correct voltage option outlet), then you play!

240-Volt Hot Tubs

On the other hand, 240-volt hot tubs cannot be plugged into your pre-existing 120-volt outlets. A 240 V hot tub requires a corresponding 240 V connection to provide proper power to your spa. Larger hot tubs are most often equipped for 240 volts.

Importantly, this increased voltage gives 240 V hot tubs like the Artesian Elite line of spas more potency than a 120 V hot tub. A 240-volt spa may be able to get hot more quickly and stay hotter longer than the other voltage option. Moreover, this means that the hydrotherapy jets and other features your 240-volt spa might sport will run with strength every time you switch it on.

Your 240-volt hot tub needs to be directly wired to the corresponding breaker. This also means your 240 V spa is mostly stationary compared to the more versatile 120 V. But of course, we can help you move your hot tub when it’s time.

Answer All Your Voltage Questions at Juniper

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