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Top 9 Outdoor Saunas to Add to Your Backyard

There are two basic types of outdoor saunas available at The Pool People: the cabin and the barrel. There are pros and cons to both, but whatever your choice an outdoor sauna is a great addition to your Wisconsin backyard!

Cabin Outdoor Saunas

Allegheny Sauna
Allegheny Sauna

There are several similarities between the Allegheny©, Appalachia©, and Timberline© Saunas beyond being cabin-style saunas. One similarity is the heating options they share. Each of these saunas includes the basic option of the 8kW Harvia© electric heater. Available upgrades for all of these cabin saunas include the 10.5kW Virta© electric heater, the PRO20©, and the Legend© wood-burning stove. Some of the saunas have additional options, and we will tell you about those below. Another similarity between these saunas is the name brand. All three of these saunas are from Almost Heaven Sauna©.

1 – Allegheny Sauna

If you’re looking for a space-saving cabin sauna that still has a porch and will still seat up to six people, this may be the sauna for you! In addition to the heat stoves mentioned above, with the Allegheny Sauna, you have the additional option of the M3 wood-burning stove.

2 – Appalachia Sauna

This sauna is everything! Six people can easily enjoy this sauna, as well as the front porch, the changing area, and the multi-level bench seating. You also have the additional option of the M3 wood-burning stove with the Appalachia Sauna.

3 – Timberline Sauna

This is a traditional sauna, but it has a contemporary flair. Features of this sauna include the covered, wrap-around front porch. This area is ideal for shoes, robes, and towels. It also provides protection from the weather. The Timberline Sauna will comfortably seat between four to six people, on multi-level bench seating.

Barrel Outdoor Saunas

Lewisburg Barrel Sauna
Lewisburg Barrel Sauna

There are two variations within the barrel sauna: the standard barrel and the barrel with a canopy. Again, each comes with pros and cons, and we will describe those for you below. Each comes with several customizations including Rustic Fir or Rustic Cedar, Rustic Fir or Rustic Cedar, several door styles, and the addition of a Rear Vista Window! And all of these beautiful sauna options are from Almost Heaven Sauna©.

Standard Barrel Saunas

4 – Salem Sauna

Built for two, the Salem Sauna is an intimate space that quickly heats up to 180 degrees with the Harvia 4.5kW electric heater. Things can heat up even faster for you and your partner if you opt to upgrade to the 6kW electric wall heater. And for your further consideration: LED mood lighting.

5 – Pinnacle Sauna

Built for up to four, the Pinnacle Sauna can be ready for you and your family or friends in under an hour, thanks to the Harvia 6kW electric heater. One available upgrade for this spacious sauna is the 8kW wall heater, if you want hotter, faster.

6 – Lewisburg Sauna

Go BIG or go home, right?! The Lewisburg Sauna sauna can fit up to eight people! With the standard Harvia 6kW electric heater, this massive space still reaches 180 degrees in under an hour. But if bigger and better is your thing, you can upgrade to the 8kW wall heater, or swing for the fences and upgrade to the magnificent M3 wood stove with chimney.

Barrel Saunas with a Canopy

7 – Vienna Sauna

If you’re looking for snug and efficient, the Vienna Sauna is the sauna for you! This sauna is perfect for two people. It comes equipped with a timer you can set for up to eight hours, starting the sauna when it’s convenient for you! There is the option of upgrading your heater to a 6kW electric wall heater if the Harvia 4.5kW electric heater doesn’t meet your needs.

8 – Huntington Sauna

If you’re looking for a family-sized sauna, you’ve found it! With seating for four to six people, the Huntington Sauna has room for the whole family. One of the great features of this sauna is the canopy porch, a great space for shoes, robes, and towels. And it provides protection from the weather. It has all of the customization possibilities listed above, plus the possibility of mood lighting!

9 – Grandview Sauna

Are you not entertained?! If you’re entertaining family or friends, you need the Grandview Sauna. This sauna will comfortably seat six to eight people. You can heat this up to 180 degrees F with the Harvia 8kW electric heater, or upgrade to the 8kW electric wall heater. Or do one better, and upgrade to the M3 wood stove with a chimney!


Whether you decide on a cabin sauna or a barrel sauna, we can help you select the perfect outdoor sauna for your backyard. If it’s one of these nine – or one of the other options available through The Pool People – we are here to answer all of your sauna-related questions!

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