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Top 7 Ways to Stay Warm Through the Wisconsin Winter

It’s no surprise to Wisconsinites, but winter temperatures can be cold – dangerously cold – for several months. Luckily for us, we’ve adapted to the harsh winter temperatures and have found a variety of clever ways to stay warm even when it’s below freezing out. We’ve even found ways to enjoy the outdoors, snow and all!

But it sure is nice to retreat to the comfort of our warm homes. Looking for more ideas to stay toasty warm? Here are at least seven ways to stay warm through the Wisconsin winter.

Leaving Home

It’s inevitable that you will have to leave the house from time to time (people still need to grocery shop in Winsconsin in winter!), so you need to protect yourself from the elements. Here are three tips for keeping yourself warm when leaving the warmth and safety of your home.

1. Keep Your Body Covered

Always dress in layers. Under your stylish coat and scarf should be a long sleeve shirt and a thermal shirt. And whether you go for jeans, sweat pants, or even yoga pants, long underwear are a must. Snow pants are highly recommended. Also, be sure to wear a thick hat or wear a coat with a hood. Ear muffs are a good idea, too! Multiple pairs of socks, including a pair of wool socks or thick cotton socks, will go a long way to helping keep your feet warm.

2. Keep Your Body Dry

Speaking of feet, keep them dry. If you are going to be trudging through snow and slush, snow boots are absolutely essential. Once your feet are wet and cold, it won’t matter how many layers you’re dressed in – you’re miserable. The same can be said for your hands! If you’re going to be scraping ice off of your driveway or car or digging through snow, a good set of waterproof gloves are critical.

If you do get wet, head back inside quickly and change into dry clothes and get warm! Being wet and cold in Wisconsin during winter could lead to illness, from the common cold to severe, life-threatening sicknesses like hypothermia or pneumonia.

3. Keep a Warm Drink

Whether it’s coffee, a cappuccino, or hot chocolate, keeping a warm drink on you will serve multiple purposes. Of course, it can help keep you warm as you drink it. But it can also help keep your hands warm as you cradle your cup! It’s a staying-warm-in-the-winter twofer! So always be sure to pack a thermos with a hot drink and take it with you where you go.

Staying Indoors

If you get to stay home during some of the coldest weather, or if conditions force you to stay home, the remaining tips are about keeping yourself warm in the safety of your home.

4. Enjoy Your Home Game Room

Home Game Room

There are plenty of things to do, indoors, besides binging the latest television shows, assembling another 10,000-piece cat puzzle, and re-reorganizing the towel closet. One thing you can do to stay warm is remain inside and play in your own game room!

With options like billiards, darts, foosball, ping pong, shuffleboard, cornhole, and even arcade games, The Pool People have plenty of options for you and your family. Here are some old-time arcade games to keep you entertained if you’re stuck indoors in winter. It’s a fun way to pass the time and keep your family from going stir-crazy.

5. Enjoy Your Sauna

Woman sitting in a sauna

A sauna is another great way to stay warm in wintry weather here in Wisconsin. It’s basically your own little warm box that you can retreat to whenever you’d like. Some people even enjoy spending time in their sauna, then running out into the snow! If that doesn’t interest you, you can just use your sauna to feel toasty warm again.

If you do need a break from the indoors, there are many options for outdoor saunas in cabin and barrel style, both with and without a porch. Check out the Top 9 Outdoor Saunas to Add to Your Backyard. Here at The Pool People, we offer a variety of sauna options, both indoor and out, in our showrooms. Our Pro6 saunas are amazing indoor infrared saunas, while our Almost Heaven outdoor saunas are perfect for your Wisconsin backyard. So stop by to see which one would be the right fit for you!

Going Outside

6. Enjoy Your Hot Tub

Four swimmers sit in a hot tub

Winter is, without a doubt, the best time to use a hot tub! Check out our blog, “Why Winter is the Best Time for a Hot Tub,” to learn about the many health benefits of using your hot tub in the coldest months of the year. But the ultimate reason? Your hot tub will warm you up even on the coldest day in Wisconsin!

The Pool People have a number of hot tub options, whether you need a small one for you and your significant other or if you need a hot tub for the entire family! Check out our line of quality hot tubs here. Our team is more than happy to help you find the right hot tub for you.

6. Enjoy Your Fire Table

Fire Table

For the more adventuresome, or for the entire family on a mild day, you might enjoy some time around a fire table! Imagine enjoying the cool, crisp air while enjoying the warmth and the beauty of a fire table. Learn more about the differences in fire tables in our blog, “Should I Get a Square or Round Fire Table?” or check out our selection online here. Just make sure your fire table doesn’t get snowed on!

While it may be no surprise to Cheeseheads that the Wisconsin winter can be dangerously cold for several months, some of these ideas on staying warm may have surprised you! We here at The Pool People hope that some of these seven ways to stay warm through the Wisconsin winter will help you and your family this year.

If you have questions about billiards, games, hot tubs, saunas, fire tables, or even swimming pools, contact us today!

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