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Top 7 Billiards Supplies and Where to Get Them

You’ve bought a billiards table, and now you need billiards supplies. But what exactly do you need, and where do you get it? The first thing you need is a pool cue to help you shoot like a pro – or at least better than your buddy! The next thing you need is a beautiful billiards cloth and a brush to keep it smooth. And if you’re going to buy that cloth, you’ll want to protect it with a cover. Unless you plan on tossing your cues on your table and leaving them there, you’ll want a cue rack or a cue holder.

Here is more information about those billiards supplies, and every accessory you need to improve your play, and the amenities you need to protect your investment.

Top 7 Billiards Supplies

1. Cue Sticks to Beat Your Buddies With

Pool players agree, successful play begins with selecting the right pool cue. That’s why The Pool People carry such an impressive selection of high-quality pool cues. We have an incredible selection to choose from, from Viking™ and McDermott™ to J. Pechauer™ and Cuetec™, to Brunswick™, Schmelke™, and Cue & Case™.

American-made McDermott Cues come from one of the most trusted and recognizable names in billiards. Viking Cues is one of the most trusted two-piece pool cue designers and manufacturers in the country, and they are made right here in Wisconsin.

Also, in our home state, Pechauer has built custom pool cues for more than 30 years. And for the past three decades, Cuetec has offered high-quality cues at an affordable price.

Talk about longevity; Brunswick has been a world leader in producing meticulously crafted cues for over 170 years! Another Wisconsin company, Schmelke is your specialist for cues made of exotic woods such as Cocabola, Rosewood, Birdseye Maple, and Ebony.

Cue & Case is the largest billiards manufacturer and distributor in the world, and they offer cues for the beginner and the pro.

If you want the advantage next time you play, stop in and let The Pool People’s expert staff help you pick out your winning cue. We can even help you save money when you do; you can save 15% on McDermott’s cue of the month!

2. Cloths as Smooth as Your Game

If you’ve got the right cue, and you’re looking to refresh or upgrade your pool table, we at The Pool People have some phenomenal cloth options for you from Championship Billiards™, Simonis™, or Brunswick Centennial Cloth™.

Championship Billiards offers 29 quality cloths that both the novice and the professional would enjoy playing on, but their prices remain among the most reasonable. Simonis is a long-time favorite among pool players because of the way the ball rolls along the cloth, smooth and true. And Brunswick offers 14 thick, beautiful wool cloths, each providing a smooth playing surface for the first-year newbie and BCA Hall of Fame Member and WPBA Professional Ewa Mataya Laurance.

3. Cover It Up

Covers are essential to the longevity and beauty of your pool table. Among other things, covers can protect your table from spills, dust, and sunlight. The Pool People carry a remarkable collection of pool table covers, and we are sure to have the color and the size you need.

4. Cue Holder: Are You Going to Stand There and Hold That?

Not every pool game you play is going to be played at home. When you travel to a friend’s house, out of town, or to a friendly competition, you will need a cue holder. Stop by The Pool People to browse the various colors and styles of cue holders we carry from brands like CueStix® and Olhausen®.

5. Rack ‘Em

Not every pool table has built-in storage drawers. If yours does not, you will want a cue rack. Even if your table does have built-in drawers, you may want to display your cues. Our racks range from stationary floor designs to wall-mounted cabinets. With name brands like Cue & Case, we will find you the perfect cue rack.

6. Chalk It Up

To really step up your game, you will need both cue chalk and hand chalk. Cue chalk will restore friction as the tip of your cue begins to chip away, helping ensure you make the shot you intended. And hand chalk will provide the lubrication you need for your cue to move smoothly as you make the shot.

7. Brush It Off

Billiard brushes accomplish several things. Brushes remove debris from the table that could deflect your ball from its intended spot. And brushes help smooth the table, keeping the cloth from doing the same thing.

Come to one of our convenient locations today and find out why the Pool People is your one-stop shop for all your billiards supplies, pool table accessories, and so much more. We are The Pool People – Your Wisconsin Billiards Supplies Experts.

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