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Friends pose for a selfie at an adults-only pool party.
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Pool People

The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

Throw an Adults-Only Summer Pool Party

Summertime is for PARTIES! And it’s important to remember that. Summers should be filled with pool parties full of friends. And pool parties aren’t only for the kids! You’ll make sunshiny memories to last all winter long when you throw an adults-only pool party with your friends this summer.


The Perfect Adults-Only Pool Party Playlist

Don’t even think of starting your adults-only pool party without some tunes playing! No party, whether in a pool, a house, or a spaceship, is complete without a party playlist. The perfect playlist for you and your friends is completely subjective. You should play what you like! It’s a good idea to keep your list up- or at least mid-tempo to keep the atmosphere light.

Your friends might enjoy jamming out to 80s Dance Party Essentials. Alternately, you might prefer to hopscotch decades and dance to Ultimate Party Classics. Of course, there’s always something about Dancing to the Oldies. Whichever playlist suits your mood, crank it up and let it move you!  


Friends in bathing suits cheers tropical drinks.


Fun and Festive Pool Party Cocktails

It is a well-regarded fact (and if it’s not, it should be) that when drinks are zested up with a theme, their drinkers have a lot more fun drinking them! You can avoid the extra work of setting up and maintaining a poolside bar by mixing a couple of themed cocktails or punches to serve.  Mix up a Pool Party Punch in a fishbowl. Serve a Blue Hawaii cocktail with a little umbrella for decoration. 

And now for the secret that party planners don’t want you to know: Any drink can be a themed drink with a punny name. Are you really good at making Cosmopolitans? Whip some up for the pool party and call them Poolopolitans (nobody said they have to be good puns). Are your friends Margarita people? At this adults-only pool party, they are Bikinirita people until further notice.

If you have friends who prefer wine or beer, keep some on hand for them. Alternatively, send out the “official” cocktail list ahead of time and invite anyone who would prefer something different to bring a beverage along with them. Make sure to always have a fun non-alcoholic drink option for your guests who would prefer that as well. Some punch recipes can be served with or without liquor, so you only need to buy one set of ingredients.

Friends drink summer cocktails in an above ground pool.


Once You’re Prepped, Relax and Have Fun!

The right music and poolside cocktails should take care of most of the activity at your adults-only pool party. You don’t need to overburden the party with awkward pool games or activities that would take your guests out of the water. Depending on the time of day or length of party, you can serve some pool-friendly snacks or grill up some light appetizers to share.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to have some extra dry towels on hand for guests who didn’t bring their own. You’ll also want to make sure your pool water is balanced and sparkling for your party. The pool experts at Juniper can test your pool water for you and tell you exactly what your pool needs to become the perfect adults-only pool party venue. Contact us or stop by our Appleton location!

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