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The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

3 Trick Pool Shots to Try at Home

Do you want to have a few trick shots up your sleeve to show off to your friends the next time you play pool? It’s easy! The trick to improving your game is knowing exactly how to set up the balls. It’ll take patience and determination, but here are a few easy trick shots to practice on your own.

Four Balls in One Shot

For this 4-in-1 shot, you’ll use your pool cues and diamonds on the table to line up the ball’s path to the pockets. First, put the 4-ball in the middle like you’re going to set up a rack. Next, line up your cue ball, touching the four. Now place the 3-ball, also touching the four. Make sure there’s no space between the balls so that they’re definitely touching. Good. Next, set up the 2-ball, cue touching it. Repeat this for the 1-ball. Now you’re ready to take your aim. Your goal is to make the one, two, three and four go in separate pockets — all in one shot. Go for it.  All you have to do is try.

Jumping an Object Ball

This indirect jump shot is a good one to use when you really have no clear shot. Let’s say you have your 8-ball in a spot that is almost impossible to get a clean shot with. Let’s say you also have another ball completely blocking you from another play-worthy shot. With this trick shot, you hit the cue ball into the 8-ball at a bit of an angle making the 8-ball to jump over the stripes and into the corner. You can try this simple shot from anywhere on the table. But user beware: make sure you have an ample amount of table space because the cue ball can jump, too.

B-Ball Gag Shot

Here’s a classic trick shot and it’s all about presentation. As long as you can shoot in a straight line, you’ll make it. First you need to set up a bet for your opponent like “I betcha’ can’t hit the 8-ball first without jumping the ball.” Then take your shot. You’ve got to make sure to hit the cue ball straight and with a slow pace so that it heads right for the 8-ball. Then immediately after you hit the cue ball, smack the table with your hand. You got it. Smack the table. This should send the 8-ball to drop and the solid balls to separate, allowing you to hit only the 8-ball. And yes. YOU WIN YOUR BET!

Trick shots like these might seem difficult, but they really are easy to learn. With practice, it will be so much fun to impress your friends.

So go ahead. Be a rock star at the game of pool with a table and accessories for your home from The Pool People. We’ll get you set up with top of the line brands from Brunswick Billiards, Olhausen Billiards, Golden West Billiards and Imperial International. With incredible brands from The Pool People, and the best trick shots, you’ll be the life of the party before you know it!

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