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Things to consider when installing a hot tub
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5 Things to Consider When Installing a Hot Tub

If you are new to hot tub ownership, congratulations! Before your treasured space of soothing restoration arrives, there are a few things you can start preparing now. Purchase new swimwear, plan a first plunge party, and stock up on hot tub chemicals. Another important part of preparing for your hot tub is planning for the installation. Be sure to read these 5 things to consider when installing a hot tub. You’ll be glad you did!


The location of your hot tub is an important decision to make. Be sure to consider things such as proximity to your house, privacy levels, where the ground is most level, where the sun or shades hit throughout the day, and more. Further, it is very important to install your hot tub on a solid foundation such as a concrete pad or reinforced deck. Consider what you would most like, and our incredible staff can help you make the best decision.


You don’t need to be told that Wisconsin weather can be a wild ride. With cold, snowy winters and warm summers, we truly have it all. With weather at both extremes, you need to consider how to care for your hot tub year-round. We highly recommend a high-quality hot tub cover. This will not only protect your hot tub from debris such as snow or falling leaves, it will also help keep energy costs low. 


Once your hot tub is installed, what do you want to surround it with? Would you prefer an elevated deck, patio furniture, or other fun features? Also remember to think through landscaping needs. All of these additions will give your hot tub space a bit of charming character and make it the backyard of your dreams. If you choose to install your hot tub indoors, you should consider a slip-free walking surface around your hot tub,  plus excellent ventilation. Be sure to arrange for these ahead of time so they can be completed before your hot tub is installed.

Electricity Needs

Every hot tub has electrical needs. You will want to know the amount of voltage your soon-to-be installed hot tub requires. If the voltage is greater than 110V, then you will need to have an electrician come to your house to connect a dedicated electrical line to your hot tub. No need to fret — this is a common practice for electricians. You just need to arrange the plans ahead of time. Read more about the electrical needs of hot tubs on our blog.

Purchase Accessories

Finally, before your hot tub installation, you may want to consider any accessories you would like to have. Hot tub accessories could include steps, storage bins, lighting, and more. At The Pool People, we can show you the many available options when it comes to hot tub accessories and help you find just what you want.

Owning a hot tub is your ticket to an enjoyable, relaxing time. We hope you think through these 5 things to consider when installing a hot tub. The Pool People is Wisconsin’s premier pool and spa dealer. Contact us with any questions and let us help with all your hot tub needs going forward. 



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