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There is no regulation pool table
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There is No ‘Regulation Size’ Pool Table!

A blessing to some and a curse to others, pool is a game that does not require a standard-sized table. In fact, there is no such thing as a regulation size pool table. Pool tables traditionally come in three sizes. Regulation size refers more to the specific proportion of the playing field which is a 2:1 ratio in size. If you hesitated to purchase a pool table because you didn’t think you had enough space, then think again! 

Pool Table Sizes

All pool tables are rectangular with a 2:1 ratio in size. Because there is no regulation size pool table, you will find that pool tables come in one of three sizes. Each size has its unique challenges that require different skill strengths and strategies to keep the game interesting and fun.

7-Foot Pool Tables

These tables are often referred to as a “bar box” and are often found in bars or pubs. They are 3.5’ x7’ in size. The playable surface of this table is 39” x 78”. Players will find that balls collect closely together quite often. Therefore, learning to break in an area with tight pockets will be a skill you’ll want to master. While you may find congested conditions, you will also find shot-making is easier since there are shorter distances to the pocket. This table is a great addition to a smaller room and if you are used to playing pool on a table of this size then you may want the same size when practicing at home.

8-Foot Pool Tables 

These tables are considered “tournament” or “professional” sized and are sometimes referred to as “home eight” tables because of their popularity with homeowners. They are 4’x8’ with a playable surface of 44” x 88”. These tables are found in many amateur tournaments and leagues. And while there is still some ball clustering on this table, shots are more mid-ranged. Players enjoy playing on 8-foot tables because they find it to be a more flexible table and enjoyable for all skill levels since there is more room to maneuver. 

9-Foot Pool Tables

These big boys are thought of as a “pro” size and you will usually see them on televised tournaments. This is a massive 4.5’ x 9’ table with a 50” x 100” playable surface. Accurate strokes and control of the cue ball are key to mastering this table. Players will often need to make longer shots requiring accuracy and speed control. These tables are very challenging to play on and for those who want to develop some serious playing skills.

Choosing the Right Table

After taking into consideration the amount of space you have in a room, make sure that you are leaving enough clearance around your table. As people move around the table to make their shot, they will need space to line up their cue and shoot. Think about the size of cues you plan to use and if you have room for a cue rack. A cabinet to store supplies, cues, and balls is also a great option.

Owning a pool table is a great way to have fun with your family and entertain friends. Memories you’ll have teaching your kids to play and the enjoyment from quality time with good friends will make it worth the investment. Come see us today at one of our four convenient locations. Our experts will be able to answer your questions and help you pick just the right pool table, cues, and other supplies. Bring the whole family to The Pool People and enjoy a game on one of our floor models. We’re sure you’ll be ready to take one home and start your own family tournament!


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