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Guide to Buying & Owning a Swim Spa
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The Wisconsin Homeowner’s Guide to Buying & Owning a Swim Spa

Fitness, fun, and relaxation. Can you find all of these in one wellness tool? The answer is a resounding “yes” when it comes to a TidalFit® swim spa! These are just a few of the reasons why residents of Wisconsin are increasingly turning to swim spas. Juniper is proud to offer professional-grade swim spas to the people of Appleton, Wisconsin, and beyond to meet all your fitness, fun and relaxation desires. Here is your Wisconsin homeowner’s guide to buying & owning a swim spa.

Why Invest in a Swim Spa?

Wellness Benefits

The first reason many people invest in a swim spa is for the wellness and health benefits. No need to waste time driving to and from the gym. A swim spa can be an all-in-one workout location that is just steps away. Simply walk to your backyard to begin your workout routine. A swim spa can be used for cardiovascular fitness, strength training, core engagement, and increasing flexibility. 

Family Fun

Swim spa owners also enjoy the space-saving, all-family use of a swim spa. From little ones learning to splash to seniors enjoying low-impact water exercise, a swim spa is fun for everyone. 

Spa Benefits

In addition to the swimming and exercise benefits, a swim spa has all the wellness perks of a hot tub. Regularly soak in the spa portion of your swim spa to alleviate sore muscles, reduce aches and pains, decrease stress and tense muscles, and more. Truly, the reasons to invest in a swim spa are endless! 

How Long is Swim Spa Season in Wisconsin?

Swim Spa Season

As we all know, Wisconsin winters can be long and oh, so cold. So, when can you use your swim spa? Great news, Wisconsin residents! A swim spa boasts 12 months of use, even on the coldest of winter days. Swim spas are capable of being used all year due to their efficient size and excellent water circulation system. This means in that winter you can still exercise or escape the cold for a soak in the spa. Get ready for exercise, relaxation, and enjoyment with your friends and family in your swim spa all year long.

Swim Spa Care in Winter

At Juniper, we do recommend, of course, that you keep your swim spa covered when not in use. This will keep the cold air, snow, and other debris out and protect your swim spa. Further, we advise keeping your swim spa water heated all winter, so the water inside doesn’t freeze. If the water in your spa freezes, it can cause lasting damage. 

How to Access Your Swim Spa in Winter

Don’t let the Wisconsin winter keep you from enjoying your TidalFit swim spa. During times of heavy snow, your swim spa doesn’t have to be off limits. Here are a few things to consider to keep your swim spa accessible even with lots of snow on the ground. First, if possible, install your swim spa where it can be easily and quickly reached even in winter. You’d prefer to not have a long walk in chilly temperatures. Next, be certain to keep your swim spa covered and cleared of snow. Also, consider a swim spa cover lifter, so removing your cover is quick and easy when the winter air can bite. Finally, buy for yourself a cozy winter robe and sandals to make the walk to and from your swim spa as enjoyable as the time you spend in it.

Swim Spa Cover Care in Winter

Your swim spa cover is caring for and protecting your swim spa from the harsh winter weather. This is why it’s important to care for your swim spa cover. If your cover becomes damaged or cracked, your swim spa could also become damaged or more taxed to keep the water warm. This could lead to costly repairs. Prevent this with proper cover care. This includes treating your swim spa cover with a conditioning product before winter weather begins. The conditioner will prevent your cover from cracking in the freezing Wisconsin temperatures. Next, after each heavy snowfall, brush off the snow from your cover. This can be done with a long-handled broom. Snow is surprisingly heavy, and letting it sit on your cover for too long could cause sagging or stress to the cover. 

Winter in a swim spa

What Sizes Are Available?

Juniper offers three different styles of swim spas by TidalFit. The style of swim spa that works best for you can depend on your primary use, the space you have available, and your personal needs and desires. 

The first TidalFit style is the Exercise Pool. These are most ideal for those who are wanting a traditional pool alternative, but who would like similarities to a pool’s look and design. The pool and spa portions of the swim spa are connected with shared water. With five available models, the Exercise Pools range in length from 12 feet to 15 feet. 

Next is the Dual-Temperature FitSpa. The DT FitSpas feature separate spa and pool compartments while still maintaining a straight-line shell. These can be either 19 feet or 21 feet in length.

Finally, the Dual Temperature L-Shaped FitSpa is a sight to behold. As the name implies, this style of swim spa makes an L shape with separate pool and spa compartments. Enjoy 14 feet of pool and either 6 or 8 feet of spa.

Most of Juniper’s TidalFit swim spas have a depth of 4.5 feet. But don’t get stressed over the particulars. Our team of swim spa experts will help you sort out the details and find the swim spa that is most ideal for you.

Where Can I Get a Swim Spa?

Juniper is the top swim spas Wisconsin dealer for Appleton and surrounding areas. Let us be your guide to buying and owning a life-transforming swim spa. Our team will help you find the swim spa that is right for your space, your family, and your needs. Get ready for year-round fun, fitness, and relaxation with your TidalFit swim spa. Contact us at Juniper or stop in store to learn more today! 

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