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Above Checklist for Installing an Above Ground Pool
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The Ultimate Checklist for Installing an Above-Ground Pool

Making the decision to own an above-ground pool is an excellent choice. A few appealing factors are practicality, ease and speed of installation, cleanup, and cost. The above-ground pools of today are also extremely durable, with frames made from steel, resin, or aluminum.

The price of your pool will depend on size and material type. But in comparison, an above-ground pool is much less expensive than an inground one. Wondering about what you need to think about when making plans to install your pool? No worries! Take a look at this ultimate checklist for installing an above-ground pool. You’ll be well on your way in no time to having the backyard of your dreams.

Know Your Facts

Let’s face it, everyone has an opinion on just about everything. You’ll probably have friends or family members who want to debate whether you should choose an above-ground pool. There are some myths about above-ground pools that have caused many people to be hesitant about making the investment. Rest assured that a quality above-ground pool far exceeds what you may see in a big box store. We carry highly-rated brands that you can trust and depend on. You can relax knowing you’ve made an investment that will provide your family enjoyment for many, many years. Knowing the facts will help you debunk much of what you may have heard in the past about above-ground pools. Once you’ve uncovered the truth about installing an above-ground pool, you’ll be worry-free!


One of the first decisions you’ll make towards installing an above-ground pool is to choose a style and price that will match your budget. With the large variety of pools we carry, you are sure to find one that fits well within your budget. Many times you can also find great deals on pools during the fall and winter when demand is lower. Outside of the pool itself there are other factors to keep in mind such as ground preparation, pump and filtration systems, maintenance products, and finishing touches like landscaping and decks. Take any extra or potential cost factors into account and leave a contingency fund for the unexpected expenses you may encounter once you begin installing your pool.

Prior Planning

While installing an above-ground pool is much less complicated than planning for an inground pool, there is still some advance planning to be done. Taking the time to do your homework, and doing as much advance planning for your above-ground pool as possible will make your installation go much smoother.

You want to certainly take a look at zoning laws, the potential location for your pool, and size requirements beyond just the pool. Do you want a deck, steps, landscaping? All of those issues should be considered when looking at your backyard pool location. Consider who will be using your pool. Do you have kids? Then situating your pool for easy access and viewing is a must.

Above-Ground Pool Upgrades

Once you’ve selected your pool, you’ll have various upgrades to consider. You may prefer an upgraded ladder or an upgraded entry such as deck stairs and a sun deck. Or, you may decide you want a robotic pool vacuum instead of manual one. You may even consider opting for a saltwater system. Of course, there are so many fun accessories to add as well: pool toys, floats, floating coolers, volleyball nets, and basketball goals. There isn’t any shortage of useful and fun items you can purchase to make your life easier or add fun to your above-ground pool.

Installing An Above-Ground Pool

You can definitely DIY your pool installation with the help of a few family members and friends. The promise of summer pool parties and a few hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill are sure to get you ample help. You can also opt to have a professional installation from an experienced contractor in your area. Whichever direction you choose to go in, there are some basics of what an above-ground pool installation is all about.  

First, measure where you want to install your pool and then clear and level the area. Prep the cleared area with sand, and lay out the bottom track. Next, begin setting up the pool wall. You’ll need some extra hands to hold it in place until the top is installed. Then, start the linger installation. Make sure the liner fits well and that any wrinkles are smoothed out. Secure the wall and liner to the pool posts and then place the top caps. If there’s any air between the wall and the liner, it can easily be removed with a vacuum. Finally, fill the pool with water just below the level of your plumbing. It will help put the liner in place so that you can install your pump, filter, skimmer entry and returns. Then, secure the berm and make sure the sand has been sufficiently compacted. This should take about 5-10 days as the weight of the water helps everything to settle. See your pool’s owner manual for full instructions.

Marvelous Maintenance

Last, you want to make sure you have all the chemicals and supplies needed on hand to keep your pool water sparkling clean and your pool’s bottom pristine. When it comes to keeping a perfect pool, we offer high-quality chemicals and accessories to meet all of your needs. A quality cover will help protect your pool in all seasons, sun or snow. Additionally, we offer free water testing and our knowledgeable staff and technicians are there when you have questions or need help. 

The time is now to get your backyard ready for summertime fun and memories that will last a lifetime. Come see us today and take a look at the gorgeous pools we have from brands you can trust like Doughboy®, Embassy®, and Cornelius®. Need help with financing? We can lead you in the right direction with that, too. Don’t wait to make your dream a reality. We look forward to making Juniper Pools your one-stop for all your backyard needs.

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