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Which Lawn Equipment to Buy as a First Time Homebuyer
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The First-Time Home Buyers’ Guide to Lawn Equipment

Becoming a home buyer is a great accomplishment. But while you were still unpacking, you started to notice all the little details you’re suddenly responsible for as a homeowner. For instance, the curb appeal that attracted you to your new house needs routine TLC to stay appealing. But not to worry; caring for your lawn isn’t too hard and you’ll be an old-hand at it in no time!

A Few Simple Tools are All You Need

There is a huge selection of attractive lawn equipment at the home improvement store, but it really only takes a few basic pieces of equipment to take care of your lawn. 


From reel mowers (manual non-electric push mowers) to zero-turn riding mowers, your options are endless. It really comes down to how large your lawn is … and how long you want to spend mowing each week. Even if you have a relatively small yard, there’s no reason you can’t opt for a riding mower so you can quickly zip through your lawn care. In fact, you’ll probably find many of your neighbors have a riding mower. 

Weed Trimmer

For crisp, professional-looking edges, you’ve got to have a weed trimmer in your shed. A quick walk around your property with the weed trimmer will leave your yard with a neat, manicured look. To learn how to use your trimmer like a pro, check out these tips from Popular Mechanics. 

Garden Tools

Even if you’re not planning to plant a garden, some common garden tools are useful for every homeowner. Gloves are invaluable when you’re picking weeds or using your other equipment. You’ll surely reach for a rake every fall. And clippers or electric hedge trimmers are a must to keep your bushes and other landscaping in good shape. A quick trim a couple of times each spring and summer will keep your landscaping plants looking good. If you skip trimming them for a summer, you’ll be surprised how overgrown and out of shape your landscaping can quickly become.

Safely Store Your Equipment

Once you’ve invested in nice lawn equipment, taking care of it is simple — as long as you’ve got a safe place to store it. Keeping it dry and clean is a necessity if you want your lawn equipment to last. That’s where an Old Hickory® building comes in! Our storage buildings come in a variety of sizes, plus they’re customizable. Do you need a building with a garage door so you can easily drive your mower in? No problem! Want one that doubles as a potting shed so you can start your seedlings while snow is still on the ground? Sure thing!

For a high-quality building that will keep your lawn equipment safe and stand up to brisk Wisconsin winters, it’s got to be an Old Hickory building. Contact us and bring home the perfect utility building for your backyard lawn equipment.

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