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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Opening Your Own Pub or Billiards Hall

Owning a pub or pool hall sounds like a cool idea. Who wouldn’t want to create their town’s new hotspot? But if you’re serious about starting a commercial billiards hall business, you’ll need to do more than come up with a catchy name and register an LLC

Sure there’s all the technical stuff when it comes to starting a business, like getting business insurance and applying for a liquor license. A lot of this is standard with any new business, though. And you want more than just to start a business, you want to create an atmosphere. So, what do you need to create a commercial business plan for your new pool hall? 

Do the Legwork 

Having an exciting new business idea is great, but you can’t just run with the first thing that comes to mind. You’ve got to do the research first. Start out by exploring what already exists in your area. Is there already a commercial pool hall? Or a pub with a well-loved pool table? 

If these types of places exist, you need to figure out how you can differentiate your pool hall from competitors. Pay attention to what consumers are drawn to these places. Don’t stop there, though. Visit other bars in your town, especially specialty ones like an arcade or board game bar. 

A pool hall is more than just a place to eat or drink, so take note of how other specialty places market and brand themselves. Keep track of the different demographics at each location because they are all potential customers for your new pool hall. 

Expand Your Commercial Billiards Hall Idea

Based on your research, you should comfortably understand the market in your area and what consumers you can expect to have interest in your new business. So, what else do they like? You need more than alcohol, food, and pool tables. Find other ways to entertain your customers. 

This could mean adding some dartboards, a shuffleboard table, or a few pinball machines. This is why your research is so important. You have to know what already exists in your community, see what kind of people you plan to serve, then decide where to go from there.

If every other bar has a dartboard, chances are that’s something local consumers want, and something you need too. On the other side, maybe only one or two places have ping pong or air hockey tables, but there are always people at them.

If it’s popular at other local places, chances are it will be something people enjoy at your place. Talk to local bar-goers, maybe you’ll realize just how popular a particular vintage arcade game could be. 

Find Your Perfect Commercial Space 

This might fall into the category of boring business stuff, but your environment is one of the most important aspects in helping you create the right atmosphere for your pool hall. Think of your future consumers and what they gravitate towards. Did they seem to prefer more open spaces? Are you going to need to leave room for a dance floor? 

Traditionally, commercial pool halls have been dimly-lit and somewhat crowded. Maybe distancing yourself from that is the right direction for the market you’re trying to serve. If so, then make sure the space you decide on reflects that. 

Aside from just the building though, it’s also about your equipment. You’ll definitely need some great pool tables, maybe a few dart boards or arcade games as well. When you’re ready to shop for your new pool hall, stop by and see us at The Pool People. With our wide range of games and billiards products, we can help you find exactly what you need to bring your billiards hall business model to life.

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