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best hot tub for military families
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The Best Hot Tub for Military Families

Being a military family is a mix of both sacrifice and adventure. Military families have the opportunity to live in many places across the country. It can be an adventure to meet new people and see new things. But the transition is often easier once you’ve settled in at your new destination and are surrounded by your favorite belongings. Furniture, home décor, clothing, and household goods are all givens. But what about items that are considered more of a luxury? Military families don’t have to sacrifice the fun, relaxation, and health benefits of a hot tub just because they are on the go. The best hot tub for military families is one that can easily move with you once it’s time to settle in a new place.

What is the best hot tub for military families?

Because military families must move periodically, it is best to invest in items that can go with them. Luckily, military families do not have to forego purchasing a hot tub. The best hot tub for military families is what we call a plug-n-play hot tub. A plug-n-play hot tub is a perfect choice for military families because it works exactly as the name suggests. Just plug it into an existing standard 110v household socket. Because of this, there’s no reason for hiring an electrician to install a special plug or wiring. Another benefit of the plug-n-play hot tub is the ease of assembly. This type of hot tub is quick to assemble, energy efficient, light weight, and easy to maintain. Simply fill your hot tub with water from a garden hose and turn it on. Then add your chemicals, and you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits your hot tub brings. For military families on the go, these qualities make the investment in a hot tub both attractive and affordable. 

The right perks at the right price.

Worried that a plug-n-play means fewer features or accessories when compared to a hard-wired hot tub? Well, that’s one sacrifice you won’t have to make. LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers, ample seating, water features, beautiful cabinetry and color choices, and unique storage features for your favorite drinks, towels, and other supplies can all be found with a plug-n-play hot tub. And the price just can’t be beat.

We have just the plug-n-play hot tub you are looking for!

Whether you are a military family or a family that relocates periodically for work reasons, you don’t have to sacrifice luxury for simplicity. A plug-n-play hot tub is an excellent choice to experience a spa-like atmosphere wherever you choose to call home. Don’t wait any longer to surprise your family with a beautiful, relaxing plug-n-play hot tub. When you come to see us at Juniper, you’ll find that we carry only the best brands of hot tubs. With brands like Artesian Spas™, Aspen Spas™, Dream Maker Spas™, Viking Spas™, and Strong Spas™ you are certain to find the size, color, options, and features that are the perfect compliment for your family and lifestyle. Come visit our showroom and experience for yourself the quality you want at the price you need. We are pretty sure that once you see our high-quality and affordably-priced hot tubs, we’ll be your first and only stop on your way to hot tub living.

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