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chlorine alternative to use during the chlorine shortage
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The Best Chlorine Alternative to Use During the Chlorine Shortage

Swimming season is rapidly approaching. This is the time of year when pool owners are anxiously awaiting that first swim of the year and all of the fun they’ll have thereafter. This year, however, pool owners are becoming increasingly concerned about the chlorine shortage that’s being widely reported. This issue is leaving many to wonder if they’ll even get to enjoy their pools this year. To put your mind at ease we thought that this would be a great time to discuss the best chlorine alternative to use during the chlorine shortage.

What happened to the chlorine?

First, let’s take a moment to address what happened to the chlorine supply. It’s not really an issue that pool owners usually need to worry about. This year, though, is an exception. The problems started last year with the higher demand for chlorine products. With people spending more time at home due to the pandemic, chlorine was in high demand. That wasn’t the biggest problem, though. When Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana, home of the largest chlorine factory in the US, the factory sustained major fire damage. These issues combined to create a serious chlorine shortage. 

What are the other options?

If you typically use chlorine to sanitize your pool, you may be in a bit of a panic. But don’t worry. The Pool People has an alternative for you, and it’s not just something to hold you over. In fact, it’s a wonderful option that we think you’ll want to stick with from now on.

So what is this miracle product?

Okay, we’re ready to get to the point. The product we think you should be using in your pool is called BAQUACIL®. At The Pool People we regularly recommend this product to our customers. While this may be the first you’ve heard of it, it’s been around for 40 years and we’ve been using it in our business the whole time we’ve been operating. The truth is, the majority of the pools we sell are already on the BAQUACIL system. 

What are the benefits of using BAQUACIL?

BAQUACIL is a hydrogen peroxide system. Firstly, it is completely chlorine free, so it’s not affected by the current shortage at all. That’s not the end of the benefits, though. BAQUACILs chemical structure is more stable than chlorine. Sunlight, pH fluctuations, and temperature rises don’t affect it the way that they do with chlorine. The system is simple to use and easy to convert to. Your pool can be switched over from chlorine to hydrogen peroxide in under 24 hours. Even better, one application of BAQUACIL controls bacteria growth for up to 10 to 14 days.

Is there a good supply of BAQUACIL?

It’s understandable that you’d question the accessibility of BAQUACIL. After all, you likely didn’t expect a chlorine shortage. You want to be sure that if you make the switch, you’ll have access to the sanitizer you need. 

You’ll be happy to know that all of The Pool People/Juniper locations are completely stocked up on BAQUACIL products. It truly is the best chlorine alternative to use during the chlorine shortage — and beyond! So if you’re ready to start talking alternatives, get in touch or stop in-store to chat with one of our incredible staff members about getting your pool switched over soon.

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