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Swimming Pool Safety Checklist

  1. I have read the safety information package and I agree to abide and enforce all safety policies contained within the safety package.
  2. I have read and reviewed the Read Me First Pool Safety handbook and all information on the safe operation of the pool, pump, and filter.
  3. I have installed the no-diving stickers around the perimeter of the pool in accordance with the provided instructions. The area warning signage has been properly installed.
  4. I will ensure that adult supervision must be present whenever children are using the pool.
  5. I will supervise and instruct all users of the swimming pool that DIVING OR JUMPING into the swimming pool can cause severe injury and/or death.
  6. I will enforce all safety policies to ensure safe use of the swimming pool by all users.
  7. I acknowledge and agree that the use of alcohol or drugs by users of the pool should be prohibited.
  8. I have registered the limited warranty either online at doughboypools.com under the support tab or have mailed the warranty registration card to Doughboy Recreational.