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Summer Shrimp Boil on your Grill

Is it really summer if you don’t have some sort of seafood boil? While this may be a Southern tradition, there is nothing to stop us from having just as much fun here in Wisconsin! In fact, you can take the festivities up a notch with a summer shrimp boil on your grill.

Boil on a Grill? That Doesn’t Add Up.

Okay, if you’re looking for an oxymoron, a summer shrimp boil on your grill definitely fits the bill. Boiling water and grills aren’t something that you typically put together. And to be honest, you’re not really boiling anything at all. We’re just still calling it a boil because it’s the same concept and the same ingredients (shrimp, corn, and potatoes and sometimes a bit of sausage). But, the execution is completely different. 

Instead of getting a gigantic pot of food that everyone shares, everyone can have their own serving when you cook the ingredients on your grill. Basically, you’ll be making shrimp boil packets. You’ll throw all of the ingredients together on a piece of foil, wrap it up, and grill it. It’s kind of like grilling corn on the cob in foil. 

Plus, the beauty of individual servings is you can individualize the meals. Does one of your guests like a ton of spice, but you’re not a huge fan? You can customize the amount that goes into each packet so everyone is even happier with their meal.

Be the Hostest with the Mostest

You can’t have a shrimp boil without fun and games! Sure, the food is great, but the fun is what makes it memorable. While you’re outside eating, kick back in some patio furniture or maybe even a hammock. You need a place to eat, after all! Patio furniture is so much more comfortable than lawn chairs, and you’ll be able to have some great conversation over dinner without your lower body falling asleep.

Then, head inside for some fun and games. Whether it’s billiards, darts, or maybe even ping pong, you’re sure to have a blast. Typically at a shrimp boil, you would have outdoor games like cornhole. But let’s be honest. In the August heat, sometimes all we want to do is go inside, and this gives you the perfect excuse. 

Once you’ve worked up an appetite again, treat your guests to some more deliciousness. Perhaps you could make some s’mores with a twist on your grill. (FYI: the twist is not that you’re making the s’mores on your grill, even though that’s pretty cool.) You’ll never want to have a summer shrimp boil another way again.

Get Ready to Host the Best Boil

Are you ready to host the best summer shrimp boil on your grill? The Pool People can help you get everything you need to prepare. From the grill itself, to patio furniture and games, we have it all. Request your free brochure today. Our team can help you pick out the perfect items that fit within your budget. Just stop on by, give us a call, or contact us online today to get started. 

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