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Smoking Foods Can Add Flavor Without Calories, Sodium, Gluten, and More

If you’re watching your sodium intake, calories, or have other dietary restrictions, it can be a challenge to make the tasty meals you’d like to cook. But there’s no reason your food has to be bland! Add tons of flavor by smoking your food. For the most flavorful, mouthwatering meals, smoke ingredients on your Memphis® Wood Fire Grill or Kamado Joe® cooker!

Low and Slow is the Name of the Game

No matter what type of grill you’re using, it takes time to impart that smoky flavor you’re after. So, you want to cook food, especially meat, low and slow. As a bonus, many types of meat that are commonly cooked on the grill will become more tender and juicy the longer they cook (assuming the temperature is low, of course). The tricky part can be knowing just what temperature and time are best for your meal. Check out this helpful chart from Memphis Grills to take all the guesswork slow smoking meats.

Smoking Foods Can Add Flavor Without Calories, Sodium, Gluten, and More

Customize Your Flavor Profile

Prepared spices and rubs are sure to pack a lot of flavor, but you may have a challenge finding prepared spice rubs that are low-sodium or gluten-free. But, it’s easy to make your own spice rub. Just combine your favorite spices, like paprika, garlic, onion powder, cumin … just experiment. Or, give the 1945 BBQ Rub recipe from Food.com a try. It’s salt- and gluten-free and sounds really delicious!

Add Deep Flavor Notes with Wood Chips

Choose flavored pellets if you’re using a Memphis Grill, or make a foil pouch with wood chips and add it to your Kamado Joe grill to change up the flavor profile. Some wood chips impart a subtle flavor like maple, apple, cherry, and oak. Others, like hickory, add a bold flavor. Experiment to find your favorites!

With some creativity and a great grill, dinner can be as flavorful as ever — but a whole lot healthier. What’s that? No Memphis Grill or Kamado Joe of your own yet? Come visit us and see these mighty grills for yourself! With one of them on your back patio, you’ll be creating recipes you never dreamed would add so much flavor to your life. 

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