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Need a far infrared sauna for your family that you know is safe, gentle, and easy to use? Check out the 5230-01 from Pro 6 Saunas! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that this sauna emits Near Zero EMF levels, so it’s perfectly safe for the whole family to use. Opt to spend some much-needed quality time or recover from a recreational activity – together! Just be sure to speak with a certified electrician in case you need to replace a 15 amp outlet with one that’s 20 amp. Visit us to learn more about the 5230-01 Pro 6 Sauna today!

5230-01 Features​

Standard Specifications

Capacity: 3 People
Sauna type: Far Infrared
Exterior dimensions (WDH): 60 x 44 x 77 inches (roof overhang: add 2 inches)
Interior dimensions (WDH): 54 x 39 x 69 inches
Sauna weight: 415 lbs
Shipping weight: 450 lbs
Material: Natural hemlock wood construction
Electrical service: 120V/20amp
Heating: 7 Carbon Low EMF FAR Infrared heating elements
Auditory: 2 Built-in speakers, FM Radio with Bluetooth and MP3 auxiliary connection
Control Panel: Interior and exterior LED control panel
Door: Clear Tempered glass and glass door
Lighting: Interior reading/chromotherapy lighting system
Roof vent: Yes
Placement: Indoor


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