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Cooking a Holiday Dish on a Kamado Joe
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Reinvent your holiday dishes on a Kamado-style grill!

When you own a really great grill, you don’t want to stop using it just because it’s cold outside! Plus, with a Kamado Joe® grill, the flavor it can impart to your favorite fall recipes and holiday meals is not to be missed. Instead of covering your kamado-style grill until spring, use it to reinvent your holiday dishes this year. 

Next-Level Turkey

You’ve tried cooking the turkey until the button pops. You’ve tried brining it. There was the year you tried it with the dry rub. You’ve even tried cooking it in an oven-safe cooking bag. Maybe your family even has a horrible deep-fried-turkey-gone-wrong story that you tell every year around the holidays. (You didn’t set the garage on fire, did you?) This year, give your turkey next-level flavor by cooking on your Kamado Joe! We bet you love the results so much that turkey on the Kamado Joe becomes a holiday tradition. Check out these videos from Kamado Joe for two great cooking options.

With the JoeTisserie accessory, the constant rotation will ensure the bird stays juicy while the smoke imparts mouthwatering flavor. 

If you’re grilling your turkey straight-up, sans JoeTisserie, try this Spatchedcocked Turkey recipe. Spatchcocking, which is a fancy name for cutting out the backbone and cooking the turkey laid flat, takes half the time to cook and it keeps the meat moist.

Show-Stopping Appetizers

What kind of appetizers do you serve before the big meal and at your holiday parties? If you’re looking for something new to impress your family and friends, cook your hors d’oeuvres on your Kamado Joe. It will be so much better than the usual chips and dip or a cheese board! Grill bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed jalapenos. Smoke the shrimp on your Kamado Joe before serving with cocktail sauce for a modern take on shrimp cocktail. Or, try this recipe that puts a spin on a classic pimento cheese dip by Chef Vivian Howard for Kamado Joe.  

Desserts That Will Make Them Say, “Mmmmm”

A Kamado Joe ceramic cooker can be used for pretty much any recipe. Besides recipes that call for grilling, if you would normally bake it in the oven, sauté it on the stovetop, or slow-cook it, we bet you can cook it on your Kamado Joe. And that goes for dessert, too. Just think how delicious pecan pie will be with a little smoky flavor. Take a look at this recipe by Kamado Joe. 


Now that we’ve made your mouth water with all of these videos, are you ready to take your holiday meals up a notch? All it takes is a Kamado Joe to make your holiday dreams a beautiful reality! Visit us today to get your own. With four convenient locations in Schofield, Rhinelander, Appleton, and Stevens Point, we have a location near you.

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