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Promote less screen time with a family hot tub soak!
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Promote Less Screen Time With a Hot Tub This Summer

Think back to your first week having the kids home from school. It may have been a little fun and a nice change of pace. You were probably relishing all of the built-in family time it presented. Still feel that way? Maybe not. There are days you may get a little tired of juggling home life and everything that comes with it. Then, you allow a little more screen time than usual, just for sanity’s sake. But what if there was another way to relax as a family without increasing screen time? Make a hot tub your new weapon of choice in the screen time battle.

A Family Routine

It’s no secret that a routine is important for a lot of people. Who says your routine can’t be made up of things that the whole family will look forward to? Build a daily hot tub soak into your family’s routine! Maybe it’s after lunch time to take a little break, check in with one another, and re-focus for the rest of your day. Perhaps you prefer an after-dinner soak, to talk about how the day went, game plan for tomorrow, and relax together before bed. Whichever way it fits into your routine, daily time in the hot tub could be a great way to promote less screen time and replace it with family time.

A Vacation Every Weekend

Maybe what your family is needing is something to look forward to each week — a way to promote a decrease in screen time. Try making every weekend a mini vacation in your own backyard. Make the weekends hot tub time, plan fun snacks, have a list of simple outdoor games to choose from, and prepare for two full days of family time. Make it a competition within your family: whoever has the lowest amount of screen time that week chooses the menu and whoever comes in second place chooses a game.

Utilizing your hot tub for family time can bring a great balance to your quality time. The kids get to have fun and be outside, and you get to relax. If you’re not sure where to start, give us a call today. We’ll walk you through the options. If you already have a hot tub, great! If not, browse our incredible selection online and we can get you exactly what you need. Plus, all of our chemicals are 10% off, with convenient curbside pickup available. Simply call to make an appointment, and we’ll get you on your way to the best in backyard recreation that will please you and your entire family.


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