Swimming Pools

Why save for years to go on a vacation that lasts only a few short days when you can have a vacation at home for years to come? With a pool from The Pool People that’s exactly what you’ll get – a vacation every time you step into your own backyard.

We offer a top-of-the-line collection of pools from Doughboy Pools, Cornelius Pools, and Radiant Pools. Stop in today or contact us for more information on a whole new level of backyard enjoyment!

 Doughboy Pools

doughboy-pool-small Since 1945, Doughboy Pools has led the way for the above ground pool industry. Their innovative products are designed specifically to maximize your family’s enjoyment. Once you check out our selection you’ll agree…It’s Gotta Be A Doughboy!Product Information


 Radiant Pools

Radiant-Pool-small Radiant Pools are state-of-the-art, energy-efficient pools that provide the most incredible features and benefits. With their almost limitless installation options, they truly are the smartest, most exciting backyard investment you’ll ever make!Product Information


 Cornelius Pools

cornelius-pool-small Cornelius started in 1967, building steel wall and vinyl liner for in-ground pools. They now offer a full line of in-ground and above ground pools. Cornelius Pools are known for using innovative materials, functional product design, efficient packaging, and eye catching patterns in both liners and walls.Product Information

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