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Prepping Your Hot Tub for Winter

With the proper preparation and maintenance, you can keep warm and cozy in your hot tub all winter long. Whether you’re soaking in an Artesian Spa™, Viking Spa™, Aspen Spa, Strong® Spa, or Dream Maker Spa™, the hot tub experts at Juniper have tips for prepping your hot tub for winter. 

How to Use Your Hot Tub During Winter

Are you wondering “Is it safe to use my hot tub during the cold season?” The answer is a resounding yet relaxing yes! To prepare for winter in your spa, start by making sure your spa water is good to go for the whole season. If your next hot tub water refresh will fall during the cold of winter, do it early. Waiting until it’s too cold outside will make this much harder and risk your water freezing.

Next, keep your hot tub ever-ready for a winter dip by checking and maintaining your spa water daily. You’ll want to keep the water at a warm temperature throughout the season to prevent freezing in the pipes. Furthermore, make sure the warm water stays at a high level in the spa, at least above the jets. And if you’re looking to conserve energy, running your jets less in winter will help your water stay warmer.

Moreover, when you’re not in your spa, make sure it’s covered tightly with a well-maintained hot tub cover. Remember to inspect your hot tub cover for tears when you inspect the rest of your spa. Or, skip the extra work and let us inspect and maintain your hot tub for you! Juniper’s hot tub valet service will clean and maintain your spa for you up to three times a year.


The details of Juniper’s hot tub valet service to keep your spa sparkling all winter.
Our hot tub valet packages are available for service in March, July, and November.


Dress for a Winter Dip or Move Your Spa Inside

As you enjoy a cold weather soak, keep your head warm with a winter hat. What’s more, make things extra toasty with some spa-side hot cocoa. Plan ahead with a cozy robe and slippers to hop into as you make the frosty trip back inside. 

Do you want to enjoy your hot tub in winter without stepping a foot outside? Avoid the cold altogether by moving your spa inside the house. Juniper can relocate your hot tub to a new house or inside. Imagine hanging your stockings by the hot tub with care this winter holiday.

How to Close Your Hot Tub for the Cold Season

Contrarily, if you are traveling or expecting extreme weather you may decide to close or “winterize” your spa for the season. To do this, you’ll first need to turn off the spa and let the chemicals dissipate until the sanitizer level has reached zero. Secondly, turn off your hot tub breaker or unplug the spa entirely.

Thirdly, drain your hot tub. If your spa has a blower, cover and turn the tub back on temporarily with the heater off to drain the blower. Then, loosen your pump and heater unions and drain plug, and drain the water from your pump and plumbing lines. 

After taking out the filters, empty any remaining water from your spa lines and tub. Finally, clean your spa’s shell and cover, and replace the cover nice and tight. 

The spa professionals at Juniper have been maintaining hot tubs around Wisconsin for decades. We can close your hot tub for winter or help you keep it running until spring. Contact us or stop by our Appleton store for help all year long.

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