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Juniper and The Pool People

Quantum – Hybrid Steel and Resin

Swimming Pool

Round: 8′, 12′, 15′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 27′, 30′, 33′
NBS Ovals: 10’x16′, 10’x21′, 12×18′, 12’x24′, 16’x26′, 16’x32′, 18’x33′, 18’x38′, 18’x44′
A-Frame Ovals: 12’x18′, 12’x24′, 16’x26′, 16’x32′, 18’x33′, 18’x38′, 18’x44′

The Quantum above ground pool is designed to provide endless enjoyment. With a range of sizes including 52″ rounds, A-frame ovals, and NBS ovals, as well as 54″ rounds and NBS ovals, there’s a perfect fit for any space. Its 7-inch extruded resin top ledge in a stylish sepia color adds both durability and visual appeal. The injected resin top and bottom tracks, along with top connectors and 2-piece top caps, ensure a secure and stable structure. Supported by 6-inch painted galvanized steel uprights in sepia, this pool exudes strength and elegance. The captivating coral wall pattern adds a touch of underwater wonder. With easy assembly and a 1-piece injected resin foot collars/bottom connectors combo, the Quantum pool is built to last. Dive into a world of summer fun, backed by a 3/25 prorated warranty.

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