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Swimming Pool

Round: 8′, 12′, 15′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 27′, 30′, 33′
NBS Ovals: 10’x16′, 10’x21′, 12×18′, 12’x24′, 16’x26′, 16’x32′, 18’x33′, 18’x38′, 18’x44′
A-Frame Ovals: 12’x18′, 12’x24′, 16’x26′, 16’x32′, 18’x33′, 18’x38′, 18’x44′

The Pacific above ground pool is built to withstand the test of time and everything that comes with it. Its 7-inch painted galvanized steel top ledges in a sleek pewter finish are resistant to weather, water, and wear. Supported by durable galvanized steel top and bottom tracks, along with galvanized steel top connectors, this pool offers both strength and style. The 6-inch painted galvanized steel uprights in a matching pewter color provide sturdy support and a touch of elegance. With its captivating Tilestone wall pattern and easy assembly, the Pacific pool comes in a variety of round and A-Brace oval sizes to perfectly fit your yard layout. Dive in and enjoy a pool that will last a lifetime of summers, backed by a 3/25 prorated warranty.

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