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The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

Pool Water Care Before or After a Pool Party

Ready to host your first pool party of the summer? We are sure everyone is ready to jump into a season full of swimming fun! Let’s talk about what’s needed for pool water care before or after a pool party to ensure everyone has a great time.

Open Your Pool

The first step is to open your pool if it is still closed from the winter season. If you don’t have the time or desire to do this yourself, let us help you out. View our pool opening service options to help get your pool ready for the summer season. If while opening your pool you find you need repairs, we offer those services as well. 

Test the Water

You can purchase a water testing kit to get a reading on your water chemical levels. Simply dip your test strips into the water and check the reading. This information will let you know the levels of your chemicals, including chlorine, pH, alkalinity and more. You can use this information to guide which chemicals you will need more or less of.

Add Shock 

A few days before the party is set to happen, you will need to add shock to your pool. It is important to do this in the evening so that the sun does not break down the chlorine too quickly. The pump should be left on for eight hours after adding shock. You can check your chlorine levels again after this step if you like to be sure it is measuring 1-3 parts per million. It may be wise to keep it on the higher side of 3 parts per million when having a larger party. The larger amount of chlorine will help to combat any extra contaminants from all the people in your pool.

Clean the Pool

The day before a party, you can brush the sides of the pool to loosen anything that has accumulated there and run your pool vacuum. You can also skim the top of the water with your net to be sure anything on top of the water is cleared away. Be sure that your filter and basket are clear of any debris so that it is fully prepared to catch anything extra that may be needed at the party. 

Add Clarifier

After all of your pool water care, if your water is still not crystal clear after completing the previous steps, you can add a clarifier to the water to be sure that the water looks beautiful the day of the party. 

Time to Party!

Now, everything should be ready for you and your guests to enjoy. Have a blast together playing and splashing the sunny day away.

pool party fun
Pool party fun!

After the Party

After the party is over, you may need to shock your pool again to be sure all of the extra contaminants are dealt with.  You can do a basic clean with your brush and vacuum for your next use. You can also test the pool water to be sure everything is balanced when you are done. 

At Juniper, we carry all of the supplies you need to host the most epic pool parties this summer. Stop in-store or shop conveniently online to get all of the water care chemicals you need for a successful summer making the best backyard memories. You can even schedule your chemical delivery by calling our Appleton store at 920.739.9522. Make the most of your summer pool parties with supplies and support from the caring team at Juniper.


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