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Picking the perfect location for your billiards table
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Picking the Perfect Location for Your Billiards Table

If you enjoy entertaining friends in your home, then a billiards table is a welcome addition. It provides an additional unique area for some of your guests to gravitate towards as the evening goes on. Deciding to own your own table a puts you in the position to hone your game skills. Another bonus is being able to create a new opportunity for family time. The addition of a billiards table to your home should be well thought out and planned. Picking the perfect location for your billiards table is very important and should be selected in advance. The ideal location for your billiards table will ensure that everyone will have many enjoyable opportunities to play.

Determining Room Size for a Billiards Table

If you have decided to get a billiards table, you’ve probably already selected a location for it. Billiards tables do need a lot of room, but how do you know exactly how much room you’ll need? 

In general, a 7-foot table will need a room that is 16′ x 12′, an 8-foot table will need a room that is 17′ x 13′, and a 9-foot table will need a room that is 18′ x 13′.

These tips serve as a guide for rooms that have these measurements. If you have an irregularly shaped room or unique space, you will need to take those measurements and then consider the difference. One thing you can do that will be helpful is to map out where you plan on placing your billiard table. Mark the area with tape and see how much space you have on either side to see if the area.

What is important to remember is that you require more space than just what is allowed for the table. There must be additional space for players to move around the table, adjust their positions, and use their pool cues. In order to make the many shots in a game of pool, you need to have room to aim and shoot. Fortunately, you do have 58” and 52” pool cues to choose from. If you aim for about 4.5 feet of space around the billiard table, making shots will not be an issue. In turn, if you are teaching your children to play, there are 42” and 36” pool cues that are easier for them to control.

When working with a larger area, you will most certainly have enough room for a pool table. If there is only a minor obstruction, such as a support pole in a basement, the chances of running into this one obstruction is rare enough that it can be forgiven.

Additionally, you will want to consider the area beyond the playing field. Will you need a storage area for your cues and other supplies? What about seating for your guests? These are other issues that will require thought and planning.

Choosing the Table That’s Right For You

Decided on the perfect location for your billiards tableThe Pool People are ready to set you up with the table of your dreams. Come visit one of our four convenient locations, where we carry top brands along with all of the supplies you’ll need to create your own personal billiard room.


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