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Overbuy Halloween Decorations? Get a Shed!

If you’re like most homeowners, you have a serious shortage of storage space. Maintaining a beautiful home takes stuff. This means you have lawn equipment, tools, décor, boxes of mementos, and plenty of seasonal decorations to store. And wouldn’t it be nice if you could store things so neat and organized that you could always find just what you needed and your space was never an eyesore? Sounds like it’s time for a storage shed from Old Hickory® Buildings! 

Get Your Living Space Back

If you’ve given up a room in your home, or you’re parking outside because the garage is full, it’s time to get your space back. We have a range of sheds to fit every backyard space. In fact, if one of our in-stock buildings doesn’t fit the bill, we can custom-order an Old Hickory Building to meet your needs. 

There’s an Old Hickory Building for Everyone

Old Hickory Buildings come in an array of options with different finishes and features. The Utility Shed with real plywood siding is a popular choice.

Wood Old Hickory Shed

But you can also customize your shed with Smart Panel or Dutch Lap Siding in a variety of color choices. Need more space? Choose the Lofted Barn model for the maximum amount of room. We carry a variety of Old Hickory Sheds and Barn models in several different color choices. Stop by our Schofield or Rhinelander location to see our in-stock buildings. 

Also, while Old Hickory is known for wood buildings, they do offer some great-quality metal sheds as well — perfect if you’re trying to stretch your budget. 

Finish the Interior to Get the Most Out of Your Space

Once you’ve settled on the right Old Hickory Building for your backyard, customize the interior to perfectly fit your storage needs. Add a workbench or a couple of shelving units. Install pegboards to organize your tools. If your building is tall enough, you could even add a loft so you can tuck away the larger items that spend most of the year in storage, like Halloween décor and the Christmas tree.

With so many options, you may wonder how to choose a storage shed that will look great in your backyard. Read this to learn more about your design options and how to decide which model to select. Then, if you’re ready to see our selection or to custom-design an Old Hickory Building of your own, come visit us in Schofield or Rhinelander

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