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Our Comprehensive Guide to Selecting an Above Ground Pool

Is there a better way to relax at the end of a hard day than floating in a stunning pool? Yes, there is… swimming in your own pool! Our comprehensive guide to selecting an above ground pool can help you on your quest to backyard transformation. And with The Pool People on your side, finding just the right pool is a breeze.

A lot goes into choosing just the right above ground pool for your home. One of the main reasons people choose above ground pools is the price. They are cost effective, but still offer a lot of variety in size, depth, and even shape.

We offer a range of options on above ground pools from Doughboy®, Embassy®, Cornelius®, and Radiant Pools®. Ask us about the different options offered to see which above ground pool is right for you.

Selecting an Above Ground Pool: What is the Deepest Pool Option?

When you stop in any of The Pool People’s convenient locations, you’ll find several similar sized above ground pools with a few different frame options. First, Doughboy offers a 54-inch deep (4′ 6″) model, the Desert Spring model. Doughboy offers two different, durable frame options: resin and steel. Embassy offers a slightly smaller 52-inch (4′ 4″) version. Embassy is a division of Doughboy, which means they offer the same quality and a 20-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

Next, Cornelius offers a 54-inch deep (4′ 6″) model. And with three frame options — resin, steel, or a hybrid fusion of both — you’ll have a premium selection of stunning pools for your backyard.

These are just a handful of the incredible choices you’ll have for your backyard. Our friendly staff is full of experts who can provide specific information you may need any or answer any questions you may have about the pool depth of these quality lines of above ground pools.

What Size Above Ground Pool Should I Get?

Pools differ in size based on their shape — and you definitely have options to choose from! Doughboy, Embassy, Cornelius, and Radiant Pools® offer a number of different size and shape options. There are three basic shapes of above ground pools: round, oval, and rectangle.

Round pools. Doughboy offers round above ground pools, varying in size from eight feet to 33 feet. Embassy Pools offers similar-sized round above ground pools, varying in size from 12 feet to 32 feet. Cornelius and Radiant also offer pools of similar sizes, with diameters reaching 33 feet.

Oval pools. Doughboy, Embassy, Cornelius, and Radiant Pools all offer oval above ground pool options, too. Oval pools tend to be larger than round pools in both length and width. Some of the common sizes are 20 feet by 12 feet, 24 feet by 16 feet, and 34 feet by 18 feet. There are several more options available, and our friendly staff at The Pool People can provide the information you need about oval above ground pools.

Rectangle pools. When it comes to rectangle above ground pools, Radiant Pools offer stunning options. Like oval pools, they are measured in length and width. They offer various sizes from 12 feet by eight feet to 32 feet by 16 feet.

Whatever the size of the pool you decide on, these superior lines of above ground pools will provide you with years of wonderful ownership enjoyment.

A closed pool. Schedule a pool closing today!

How Many Gallons Are Above Ground Pools?

How many gallons above ground pools hold depends largely on the size, shape, and depth of the particular pool. The deepest above ground pool we offer is 54 inches (4′ 6″). There are several 52-inch options as well. A round above ground pool, eight feet in diameter, will require 1,737 gallons of water. A pool that is 33 feet in diameter will require 29,555 gallons. That is a big difference, in both size and in gallons!

There is a simple formula for figuring how many gallons are in a round above ground pool: diameter x diameter x depth x 5.9. For example, a round pool that is 27 feet in diameter and 4 feet, 6 inches deep, the formula would be 27 x 27 x 4.6 x 5.9 = 19,786 gallons of water.

An oval above ground pool that is 24 feet long by 16 feet wide and 4 feet, 6 inches deep, the formula would be 24 x 16 x 4.6 x 5.9. Approximately 10,420 gallons would be required to fill that pool.

For rectangle above ground pools, the formula would be the same. A rectangular pool that is 24 feet long by 16 feet wide and 4 feet, 6 inches deep would also need 10,420 gallons of water.

Questions about how many gallons are in above ground pools? We are here to help.

Our Comprehensive Guide to Selecting an Above Ground Pool

Putting Above Ground Pools in the Ground

Yes, it is possible to put above ground pools in the ground. If you’re asking why someone would put an above ground pool in the ground, you won’t likely be surprised to learn it has to do with price. It is a cost-effective alternative to most inground pool options.

That said, there are several considerations to take into account before putting an above ground pool in the ground. We will introduce you to these topics, but if you still have questions, our professional staff can provide you with all of the information you need to make your decision.

Excavation. It can cost less than $1,000 to excavate the area required to put an above ground pool in the ground. But it could cost as much as $10,000 to do so. Dependent factors include soil, location, and ease of access for an excavator to your yard.

Semi-inground pools. Because excavation costs may be prohibitive, semi-inground pools have become a popular option. They may be more visually appealing and more easily accessed than above ground pools, without the expense of fully putting an above ground pool in the ground.

Durability. When above ground pools are put in the ground, there may be fewer options for size, shape, and depth. Not all above ground pools are capable of being put in the ground. You will need to pay extra attention to which above ground pools can and cannot be put in the ground.

The Best Above Ground Pools are Found at The Pool People

Whether you decide to put your new swimming pool above ground, semi-inground, or in the ground, The Pool People are here to help! Our incredible selection ensures that you have a wonderful retreat at home to call your own. Stop in or give us a call today, and we can help you decide which above ground pool is right for you. Soon, you’ll be enjoying all the excitement that pool ownership offers.


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