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Opening your Wisconsin swimming pool
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3 Mistakes to Avoid in Opening Your Wisconsin Swimming Pool

Are you feeling the urge to open your Wisconsin swimming pool? With temperatures getting warmer, the slushy snow season seems to finally be winding down in Wisconsin. And as you enjoy the sunny days that were rare during winter, you’re probably dreaming of the upcoming summer. While planning warm-weather activities for this summer, you may start to think about opening your swimming pool. Even if you’ve had your pool for years, it can be hard to remember every opening procedure.

And if it’s your first year with a pool, you might not be sure when a good time to open it is or what to do to properly open your pool. First, if you’d like to make the process easier, you should consider picking a pool opening package from The Pool People. And to help keep you on track, we’ve put together a list of 3 mistakes to avoid in opening your Wisconsin swimming pool this year.

Delaying Opening Your Wisconsin Swimming Pool

As a pool owner, you love it when the weather gets warm. But guess who else loves that balmy weather? Algae. If you wait too long to open your pool, algae have a chance to really move in. Most of us might not swim in 70-degree weather, but it’s actually the ideal temperature for opening your pool. 

When pools are covered for too long in warm temperatures, algae and bacteria can form. This means more time, energy, and money spent on cleaning and balancing before you can use the pool. So, opening your pool early is better for your pool and saves you money and effort.

Not Being Prepared is a Mistake to Avoid in Opening Your Wisconsin Swimming Pool

Sometimes new pool owners mistakenly assume that the only thing you have to do for pool opening is to take the cover off. The truth is there’s a bit more attention needed.

Usually, to open a pool properly you need a variety of chemicals. These can include chlorine granules or tablets, algaecides, stabilizing and clarifying chemicals, and more. You’ll also need water testing equipment for balancing and tools to clean the debris. And make sure to inspect your tools and accessories ahead of opening too. Is your pool net in good condition? Does your pool cover need a replacement? You want your opening to go as smoothly as possible, so be sure to assemble all of the necessary items ahead of time.

If you’re unsure about the products required or steps involved in opening, be sure to stop by and talk to us at any of our convenient locations.

Avoid Forgetting the Initial Clean-Up

Getting your pool in top shape in the spring requires a bit of clean-up before the actual opening process begins. Leaves, dirt, and other debris tend to collect and build up during the winter months. Once spring rolls around, you’ll often find this build-up on your winter pool cover and in various spots around your pool.

While you may not think twice about dealing with these piles of debris ahead of pool opening, you should. Removing your dirty pool cover without cleaning it first can cause a lot of unnecessary water clean-up for you due to debris falling into the pool. And that yard build-up isn’t much better. One good burst of wind, and all of that mess can end up in your pool water. You’ll save yourself time in the long run by cleaning these areas before starting your swimming pool opening process.

Wisconsin weather can be unpredictable. But if the weather gets warm and stays warm early, then feel free to open your Wisconsin swimming pool as soon as the weather allows. And if you are looking for pool opening services, contact us at The Pool People. We offer standard and customizable pool opening packages, and one of our pool experts would be happy to walk you through your options. You can trust The Pool People for everything you need for an incredible swim season this year. 

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