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There is a difference between name brand pool chemicals vs. cheap pool chemicals, which is why we only sell these name brand chemicals at The Pool People
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Name Brand Pool Chemicals vs. Cheap Pool Chemicals: Is There Really A Difference?

Whether you own a pool or are looking to buy one, you have probably heard that you should not buy cheap pool chemicals from a big box store. But honestly, why is that? Is there really a difference? There actually is a difference between name brand pool chemicals vs. cheap pool chemicals. Let us break it down for you. 

Quality Makes a Difference

Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t buy your hair care products from anyone other than your hairdresser, even if it’s the same brand? We all assume the reason is because your hair stylist makes a commission, but if you ask your hairstylist, they’ll tell you it’s because other products are watered down and don’t work as well. This is probably your same assumption with your pool chemicals. You assume the reason we tell you to buy from us is that we make a commission off of it. But, the real reason is that cheap pool chemicals are watered down and less effective for your pool. You’ll need to use more to get the same result, and even then the cheap pool chemicals likely will not work well. They could even make your pool water worse. Believe it or not, you’ll end up spending more money in the long run. So, in reality, we’re trying to save you money by suggesting you buy name brand chemicals that we know will work wonders for your pool. 

Keep Your Pool in Shape

The type of pool chemicals don’t just affect the quality of your pool water, but the integrity of the pool itself. If your pool water is too acidic, it can cause your pool to corrode and crack. At the very least, the surface of your pool will weaken and need repairs. What does this have to do with cheap pool chemicals, you ask? It’s a lot more difficult to balance your pool water with cheap pool chemicals. And, even if you do balance it, it will become unbalanced much more quickly. On the other hand, with name brand chemicals, it is easy to balance your pool water and keep it balanced. 

The Right Chemicals for Your Pool

When you buy name brand chemicals, you’re buying them from a local pool dealer who likely even knows your name. When you buy cheap pool chemicals, you’re buying from a big box store who only sees you as numbers and dollar signs. So, they’re not going to care if the chemicals you buy are actually the right ones for your pool. If you have a bromine pool and you buy chlorine, they won’t care. But we will.

At The Pool People, we sell only the best pool chemicals and will make sure you buy the right ones every time. Just ask one of our water care experts for any advice that you need on maintaining your perfect pool. Now that you know the difference between name brand pool chemicals vs. cheap pool chemicals, stop by and we’ll be happy to help. We carry an excellent selection of professional-grade chemicals and products to keep your pool clean and pristine.

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