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The Most Amazing Way to Make a Hot Tub Enclosure

Fall and winter are well on their way to Wisconsin, but that leaves you wondering how to get the most use out of your hot tub. Having a hot tub enclosure will definitely enable you to use your hot tub more frequently and efficiently this winter. But how do you get an enclosure that doesn’t break the bank? The experts at Juniper would argue that buying a ready-made gazebo from our line of Covana hot tub covers is the best way to go! Here are a few reasons why this option is outstanding.

Lumber is EXPENSIVE Right Now

We know, prices have gone up on everything recently, but purchasing lumber right now can be quite a task and pricey. This can make a DIY enclosure quite costly in a hurry. This won’t even begin to cover the cost of other materials or the time it would take you to build it yourself. This is not even to mention if you decide you want any sort of decorative element added to it, which may require the purchase of special tools or materials. This type of DIY project can get out of hand quickly in today’s climate. Having a world-renowned gazebo that is specially designed for hot tubs would definitely be the better way to go.

Buying a Ready-Made Enclosure Saves Time

Time is money, right? If you are spending an entire weekend or two trying to construct your own enclosure, you are consequently losing that time you could have spent doing something else. Ordering a Covana cover from Juniper means you can simply have it delivered to your home, and it will be set up and ready to go. With the turn of a key, you’ll have a hot tub cover that converts into a gorgeous, private gazebo. The only effort needed from you will be the time to choose which model you like the best! With extras like LED lighting, privacy drop screens, incredible energy efficiency and more already included, you can have a space that is designed with you in mind.

You Know it is a High-Quality Hot Tub Enclosure

If you are planning on throwing something together with your buddies or family over the weekend, consider these questions. Will your hot tub enclosure:

  • be beautiful?
  • be easily accessible?
  • provide the privacy you desire?
  • decrease energy usage?
  • give you the overall aesthetics you long for?

There’s no reason to go through all that trouble if the end result isn’t going to pay you back in the long run. A Covana cover offers an affordable option that saves you money in the long run. You can have one delivered to your home to save you this heartache of going through all the effort of building something that won’t get you the results you need. Plus, you know your Covana cover will be well put together and sturdy (without extra effort from you!). 

The experts at Juniper are ready to help you choose which Covana cover is right for your home and your hot tub. And with financing options that can make your choice unbelievably affordable, you’ll love just how easy it is to bring a sensational hot tub enclosure home to stay. Save time, money, energy, and effort by getting the most fantastic automated hot tub cover and gazebo on the market today. With multiple options to choose from, you are sure to find a solution that fits your needs and budget. 


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