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Pool People

The Pool People specialize in family fun for everyone! We’ve been providing Central and Northern Wisconsin with a high-quality selection of swimming pools, spas, and pool tables for over 37 years.

Miss Old-Time Arcades? Recreate Your Own Home Game Room!

What’s more fun than using your thumbs to crush candy or find words on your phone? A lot of things! What about old-time arcades? Do you miss playing games with your family and friends, real games like air hockey, bubble hockey, and darts? How about foosball, pinball, and ping pong? We have those games, along with shuffleboard, skeeball, and even electronic arcade games like Power Putt! With a little help from the Pool People, you could recreate an arcade in your own home game room!

Arcades and Home Games

Air Hockey Game

For more than 40 years, air hockey has been a game room favorite across the country – and around the world. We have quality air hockey tables and the supplies you need to play the game well. We have strikers and the pucks you will shoot across the table in challenging games against family and friends. You might want to sneak in some practice on your straight shots, slices, and banks before they arrive. After all, practice makes perfect!

Bubble Hockey Game

Never heard of bubble hockey? Maybe you call it dome hockey! No matter what you call it, it’s an adrenaline-pumping favorite! A coin flip determines which player starts at each end of the table. And then the game begins with a face-off and a puck drop in the center. Players score a goal by shooting the puck past the opponent’s goalie and down the chute. Finding a bubble hockey game with a digital scoreboard, so you can focus on winning, is a bonus!


Like air hockey and bubble hockey, there are rules to playing darts. But there’s not one set of rules, because there are so many different ways to play darts! Literally hundreds! But regardless of the rules, you want a good quality dartboard with quality darts. The easiest way to keep score, regardless of the game, is with an electronic dartboard with a scoring display!

Foosball Game

Another game room must-have is foosball, and we have tables from brands like Brunswick, Olhausen, and Tornado. What should you look for in a foosball table? It should be solid and sturdy, have counter-balanced men, and two side ball returns.  No matter your level of play, you can experience the best in high-quality, methodically-crafted foosball tables with the Pool People.

Pinball Game

Who doesn’t love a good pinball machine? Pull the plunger, release the ball, flip the paddles to knock the ball into the bumpers, and SCORE! It’s that simple, right? You and the kids can easily spend hours playing the game, trying to beat each other’s scores.

Ping Pong

Whether you’re playing singles or doubles, whether you’re a beginner or a professional, ping pong is a fun game! We don’t just have the tables, nets, and balls you need, we also have a premium line of traditional and conversion-top options for all of your ping pong needs!


Our hand-crafted shuffleboards have been called works of art. And our modern shuffleboard tables are a sight to see. We have an incredible selection of shuffleboard tables from leading manufacturers Brunswick and Olhausen. Whether you’re playing Crazy Eight, Horse Collar, Tap and Draw, or Target Table, shuffleboard is a challenge you and your family will enjoy. Game on!


Like air hockey, skeeball has been a staple in arcades for more than four decades. Skee-ball is a fun game to play by yourself, with a friend, or in teams. The rules of the game may be simple, but it takes a combination of skill, technique, and luck to convince your ball to land in the high-scoring hole. Aim high and practice on your own skeeball set!

If you’re ready to put down your phone and pick up a ball, a puck, or a dart, give the Pool People a call today! We can help you recreate an arcade in your own home game room!

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