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Living Your Best Backyard Life in 2023

Is your backyard not living up to its potential? Is your furniture shabby and in need of an update? Do you feel that you are not making the most of what your backyard has to offer? Juniper is here for you with some ideas on how you can start living your best backyard life in 2023.

In the past three years, homeowners have been forced to spend a lot more time at home, and as it turns out, we love it. Having an outdoor living space that is a multifunctional addition to our interior living areas has become an essential element of the way we use and enjoy our homes. If you feel your backyard is in need of some improvements to meet our new standards of outdoor living, read on.

Your Best Backyard Life Happens in Your Gathering Place

When you create a designated gathering place in your outside living area, you and your family will find it an irresistible draw. Put down a weatherproof rug to define the space and add thick cushioned outdoor furniture to lounge upon. Add a few colorful pillows and a cozy throw.

Don’t forget to place a few tables around to rest beverages and your current book of choice. Hang a chandelier overhead and you will feel that you have brought all the comforts of indoor decor into your enticing outside space.

Another popular gathering place could be a selection of comfortable chairs arranged around a fire table or fire pit. Imagine the stargazing and great conversations that will take place once darkness falls this summer. The addition of a fire feature will be a hit with everyone.

Make Outdoor Cooking and Dining a Priority

Many people have found that outdoor cooking and dining have led to them living their best backyard life. Setting up an outdoor kitchen can be an elaborate construction project, or it can be a simple grill with a rolling cart for supplies on the side.

No matter what your budget, you can create an outdoor cooking and dining area that will be used frequently. Even if you have never thought of yourself as an accomplished grill master, purchasing a Memphis Wood Fire Pellet Grill could transform you into one with its ease of operation. 

Make the most of your backyard life with an al fresco dining area. Create an inviting outdoor eating space with comfortable chairs that encourage extended meals and great conversation. You will find you entertain more often when you can do it so stylishly and conveniently outside.

Live Your Best Backyard Life with a Hot Tub

A hot tub can easily become a focal point in your backyard. It makes the perfect place for so many varied activities. Your hot tub is an ideal place to reconnect with your family and spend quality time with those you love most.

Use it as a retreat for you and your spouse to schedule regular date nights. It also makes a wonderful gathering place for parents and children to decompress together and have some great conversations. And as far as helping you achieve your wellness goals, it can’t be beat. You will experience better sleep, less stress, relief from joint/muscle pain, and overall improved focus. 


If your backyard leaves much to be desired or seems to be missing something, Juniper Pools can be the perfect resource for you. We carry a complete line of outdoor furniture, fire pits, grills, and hot tubs that will have you living your best backyard life in 2023 and beyond. Stop by our Appleton showroom and let’s start you on your journey to exceptional outdoor living. 

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